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Cat® VisionLink® for Construction

Monitor your equipment for optimum efficiency and results. Cat VisionLink helps you monitor the location, operation and performance of every machine in your fleet using equipment management technology.

Get a complete overview, comparisons and detailed data that will enable you to maximize productivity, lower your operating costs, and reduce downtime.

Product Link brings your fleet data together in one place

  • View equipment data via VisionLink in near real-time on your desktop or mobile device
  • Get mixed-fleet capability: Product Link is compatible with Cat and other manufacturers’ equipment
  • Connect equipment with cellular and satellite coverage
  • Receive timely notifications of critical events via SMS text and email
  • Review fluid analysis reports with Cat S•O•SSM
  • Login to Parts.Cat.Com for 24/7 online parts ordering
  • Integrate equipment data with your business software

Quickly and Easily Access Equipment Data

  • Use the fleet summary view for an equipment overview
  • Monitor current fuel levels and usage totals
  • Review Cat S•O•S fluid analysis reports and fault codes
  • Keep tabs on operational sites using geofencing
  • Generate equipment data reports on fleet health, maintenance and utilization

Lower the Costs of Owning and Operating a Fleet

  • Compare work vs. idle time to find underutilized assets
  • Leverage fuel data to efficiently route fuel trucks
  • Reduce downtime with scheduled alerts for routine maintenance
  • Use operator-induced fault codes to find training opportunities
  • Minimize risk with site boundaries and security alerts

Maximize Productivity

  • Generate checklists for routine procedures
  • Improve job-bidding accuracy
  • Include equipment data in your business systems via API data feeds

EMSolutions offers five levels of equipment management service and advice to help maximize the value of your assets and lower your operating costs.



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