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5 Tips to Keep Your Equipment Safe

What can you do to prevent equipment theft and recover stolen equipment more quickly? Take these 5 steps to help keep equipment safe and retrieve it sooner in case of theft.

  1. Track your machines using GPS location tracking - you'll be able to locate and recover stolen equipment faster.
  2. Install electronic keying systems. Give all your machines the same code or code them to individual operators. Electronic keying systems can help prevent equipment theft because they can't be hotwired.
  3. Add electronic geo-fencing and time-fencing. Unlike physical fences, these systems send alerts when machines are moved or started without authorization.
  4. Call the police and the equipment manufacturer if a machine is stolen. Reporting the theft enables the dealer to identify the machine on the manufacturer's stolen equipment database when it comes in for repairs.
  5. Tag your equipment with identification. Make it visible and hard to remove – weld your company info on buckets and other parts. Tagging your machines deters equipment theft and tells police who owns the stolen equipment.

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