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5 Ways Equipment Data Improves Operations

Heavy equipment has muscled its way into operations. Using equipment data to manage your fleet can help you maximize jobsite productivity and boost your competitive edge.

  1. Identify Excess Idle Time. Compare equipment data on idle vs. working time, and move equipment around to keep it working efficiently.
  2. Size Your Fleet Right. Track idle time to see when you can use fewer machines to get work done, and where to add machines to loosen work bottlenecks.
  3. Look at the Big Picture. Seeing your fleet data together in one overview can help you find duplicated efforts and maintenance inefficiencies.
  4. Plan Service in Advance. Electronic scheduling of preventive maintenance helps reduce downtime. Plan around your production schedule instead of waiting for a machine to break down.
  5. Train Operators to Pay Attention. Operators who take quick action to respond to in-cab equipment alerts can help keep a machine on the job and out of the shop.

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