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Casper Company | Hawthorne Cat Customer Spotlight

Casper Company is a demolition company that was founded in 1984 in Spring Valley, CA. According to the article in On The Job Magazine, “A Concrete Solution,” they maintain their competitive advantage by being faster, cleaner, safer, and providing professional service 100% of the time.

Keith Moore, Service Manager, explains why Casper Company relies on Hawthorne Cat for equipment to complete projects, “[Cat Machines] are alot more precise, less fatiguing, and a lot better system all the way around.” Keith continues, “Hawthorne’s service is top-notch -- everything about it.”

The company has performed a variety of demolition projects including high-rise buildings, educational institutions, and military installations. The experienced management team contributes their success to being able to complete any demolition job on time and within budget. Casper Company believes in establishing long-term relationships with customers including some of San Diego’s top builders, and medical, industrial, and commercial facilities. 

Read the full article to learn more about Casper Company.


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