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Arc Flash Solutions | Advanced Electrical Services

An arc flash is a dangerous explosion caused by electrical energy. The change from solid state to gas vapor produces a volatile force. At the terminals, arc flash explosion temperatures can exceed 35,000°F. The immense electrical energy vaporizes metal and can cause destruction of equipment, intense heat, fire, molten metal, shrapnel, blinding light, and toxic smoke. Arc flash incidents are often fatal.

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Why You Need an S.O.S. Oil Analysis

The S.O.S. Oil Analysis tests have been developed by Caterpillar® engineers and chemists to evaluate the condition of your engines and machines, rather than the condition of the oil alone. Following is a brief description of the standard tests offered in the S.O.S. program. Additional tests, such as viscosity, TBN or TAN, may be performed if needed.

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Fluid Analysis | The Importance of S.O.S.

Hawthorne's S.O.S.SM (Scheduled Oil Sampling) can put your equipment on a regular diagnostic program.

S.O.S. identifies abnormal wear by determining the amount of various wear elements in the oil from a particular compartment. Sample data is then permanently recorded to track the history of each compartment of each machine and warn of impending failure. In addition to oil, the lab can evaluate fuel, hydraulic fluid and coolant for indicators that can lead to early, unexpected failures.

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A Coolant Analysis Can Help Prevent Engine Failure

Coolant or cooling-system problems contribute to more than 50% of all engine failures. These failures can be due to inadequate cooling system maintenance, incorrect concentration, poor operational procedures such as extensive lugging or inadequate cool-down procedures, or system problems such as stray electrical current or block-heater failure. These problems will eventually affect the oil condition, and may cause oil oxidation or anti-wear additive dropout.

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Prevent Downtime with Technical Analysis Inspections

Hawthorne Cat offers an in-depth assessment of the condition of your engine and machine to help you prevent unexpected downtime with our Technical Analysis Inspections. Our service team will visually inspect your machinery to assure it is operating at peak performance and efficiency, and inform you of parts or systems that need attention. The inspection can be done on your site or in our service shops.

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