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A Coolant Analysis Can Help Prevent Engine Failure

Coolant or cooling-system problems contribute to more than 50% of all engine failures. These failures can be due to inadequate cooling system maintenance, incorrect concentration, poor operational procedures such as extensive lugging or inadequate cool-down procedures, or system problems such as stray electrical current or block-heater failure. These problems will eventually affect the oil condition, and may cause oil oxidation or anti-wear additive dropout. Cooling system problems will also reduce the life of the transmission and hydraulic components served by coolant heat exchangers. S.O.S.SM Coolant Analysis is a two-level program that does more than just check the condition of your coolant. It determines the overall condition of the cooling system and can identify problems with maintenance procedures and operational practices.

Level 1: Basic Coolant Maintenance Check
Consists of four analytical test and four observational parameters that not only show major problems with the coolant, but can also predict some major cooling system problems. Level 1 results can also determine when Level 2 Coolant Analysis is needed.

Level 2: Comprehensive Cooling System Analysis
Involves an extensive chemical evaluation of the coolant chemical and its overall effects on the inside of your cooling systems. This series of comprehensive tests can identify subtle cooling system problems, determine probable causes, and help prioritize the urgency of needed corrections.

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