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Design Enhancements to Cat 620K Wheel Tractor-Scrapers

Caterpillar has fine-tuned the design of Cat Wheel Tractor-Scrapers with the introduction of the Cat 620 K-Series. The new 620K Wheel Tractor-Scrapers include key components from its predecessors, the H-Series Wheel Tractor-Scrapers. The previous H-Series Wheel Tractor-Scrapers set the industry standard with features like Sequence Assist and Load Assist. The new 621L, 623K, and 627K feature high-pressure steering, engine over-speed protection, tire-spin reduction, differential-lock engagement protection, machine/ground-speed control, and payload estimator. Additionally, these new Cat machines are built to improve fuel efficiency, operator comfort and jobsite productivity.

Cat 620K Wheel Tractor-Scrapers | New Features

  • Engine Over-Speed Protection | The compression brake/service brakes will be automatically applied to control engine speed when the sensor anticipates an engine-over-speed condition.
  • Tire Spin Reduction | Operators can select a control that will automatically adjust engine speed to minimize possible wheel slip.
  • Differential Lock Engagement Protection | New standard feature to prevent the machine operator from engaging the differential lock when the machine is operating in inappropriate situations.
  • High Pressure Steering | Operator fatigue is reduced because the machine operates at a higher hydraulic-relief setting to decrease the steering effort.
  • Machine-Speed Limiter | Restricts the machine's top travel speed by automatically choosing the transmission gear best suited for the selected speed.
  • Ground-Speed Limiter | Machine operator can set desired speed and the wheel tractor-scraper will choose the appropriate gear for operating the engine and transmission.
  • Payload Estimator | Owners can measure loads to accurately track material movement and improve overall productivity. 

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