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How to Manage Your Operators Using Machine Data

Machine data is a great tool for monitoring your operators' skill and efficiency. The information generated by your machines can be used to help improve operator performance and keep your valuable equipment in good shape. Here are 4 ways equipment data can help improve operator efficiency:

  1. Compare operators' fuel usage. Different operators, same machine – the one who works more fuel-efficiently operates more safely because they have more accurate control. Fuel efficient operation also prolongs equipment life by reducing transmission and engine wear.
  2. Reward improvement. Focus on good performance based on equipment data. Nobody wants to feel like someone is watching and waiting for them to make mistakes.
  3. Encourage operators to respond to alerts. Operators need to know what in-cab alerts mean and when they should shut down to avoid equipment damage.
  4. Communicate and motivate! Keep your operators involved by making sure they understand how and why you're using the data from their machines. Give them an opportunity to share ideas about how to improve day-to-day operations – and listen. Feeling valued is a powerful motivator.

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