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Improve Productivity | 3 Ways to Get More From Your Equipment

Operators and owners who are seeking tips for higher productivity will find several valuable ideas in an article by Product and Application Specialist Roy Brookhart. He recommends evaluating application practices in three areas in order to increase efficiency, sharpen jobsite strategy, and extend equipment lifecycles. 

Outline tasks and identify which machine is needed before starting work. The same machine can sometimes be used across a number of job tasks, depending on the type of project, setting, industry and application. Brookhart has these tips and others to improve productivity: 

  • On construction sites, rather than using the forks on the front of a bucket, add a quick coupler on to a loader arm to improve efficiency. Construction operators can safely lift heavier loads, increase jobsite visibility and improve machine stability at higher ground speeds.
  • Use Compact Track Loader or Multi Terrain Loaders for clearing brush, transporting materials on the jobsite, as well as for landscaping.

Set up effective techniques to improve machine-operator efficiency. Pressured to quickly finish a job, it's hard not to rush, which can create situations where operators backtrack to fix mistakes. It can also lead to damaged machines and sloppy record keeping. Here are two tips: 

  • Decrease the distance between the machine and the material when loading to decrease the time to complete the job and lessen wear on tracks and tires.
  • Stay within loading limits to avoid downtime, equipment wear and shorter maintenance intervals caused by overloading.

Use your equipment creatively. Complete more jobs with fewer machines by making the most of the versatility of your machines and attachments.

  • Augers can be used to screw specialty bits into concrete or asphalt or to drill anchors for a strong foundation; they even work for power stirring slurry retention ponds or manure.
  • Remove several tree stumps using a cold planer in applications such as Christmas tree farms. 

Brookhart writes that analyzing application practices to increase jobsite efficiency and applying equipment in new ways can help owners and operators improve productivity, maximize their fleet's usage, and reduce wear and tear.

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