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Machine Operators Can Help Improve Productivity

Unexpected down time is not always preventable and can cause delays in projects. Machine operators can contribute to avoiding downtime and improving efficiency by planning for unexpected equipment issues that may arise during a construction project. 

According to the Caterpillar blog, "Tips for Machine Operators to Improve Productivity" by Roy Brookhart, "Operators can improve their chances of a project running smoothly if they are properly trained, have ample hands-on experience, and have access to clear operation plans." Setting clear objectives for each project can also ensure machine operators understand the project's goals from the beginning. Using experienced machine operations, you will improve your overall productivity on your next project.

Tips for improving efficiency on job sites

  • Provide clear schedules for laborers or ground support staff to avoid late starts.
  • Select proper work tools for machine type and application to potentially eliminate the need for additional machines and/or operators.
  • Use turf-type tracks on golf courses and other places that require minimal ground disturbance.
  • Break rock with a hammer instead of digging through it to avoid unnecessary machine wear.
  • Use time- and labor-saving devices, like quick couplers and AccuGrade™, to reduce operation costs.
  • Apply the fuel efficiency settings during machine operation to reduce refueling requirements.
  • Use trained operators who not only understand operating applications and techniques, but also understand how to use machines in a safe and efficient manner.  

Read the blog for more of Roy's time saving tips. 

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