In the Know

Mike Rowe is the Face of Caterpillar

He is best known for his role on the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe has built his career around narrating a multitude of shows and most recently being the face of Caterpillar.

This Caterpillar microsite offers a unique perspective into the people of Caterpillar. Watch as Mike Rowe encourages people to thank the hard-working men and women that make our world a better place in a special section called, ‘Say Thanks.’

You can also see Mike in the commercials he filmed for Caterpillar. And don’t forget to check out the videos that take you behind the scenes with Mike at Cat dealers.

San Diego - Service
Paul Kessel
General Service Manager
858.674.7049 office
858.583.6336 mobile

Hawaii - Service
Bobby Whitworth
General Manager
808.676.0353 office
808.864.5147 mobile

Guam - Service
Jimmy Cruz
Engine Service Manager
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San Diego – Parts
Bob Hutter
General Parts Manager
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Hawaii - Parts
Lisa Kong
General Parts Manager
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808.368.5477 mobile

Guam - Parts
Richard Nostratis
Parts Manager
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