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Is Natural Gas a Better Option for Standby Power?

Matt Owen, Lead Engineer for Caterpillar's Gas Application Team, offers insight into using a natural gas generator for your backup power in his recent blog, "Natural Gas: A Better Option for Your Standby Power?"

Matt discusses how standby power only operates during a main source power failure, but you should be concerned about the type of fuel used the more frequently the generators run. Most standby power are diesel fueled generator sets because they are more cost effective per power output and have a larger load capacity. However, natural gas generators are being used more frequently thanks to east of maintenance and reduced emissions.

Matt suggests that if you have strict emissions requirements, experience severe weather, and extended power outages, you should opt for natural gas standby power generators instead of traditional diesel fueled generator sets.

Benefits of using natural gas in standby applications include:

  • Availability of a reliable fuel supply
  • Eliminates unnecessary fuel storage tanks
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced exhaust emissions

Read the blog for more information.

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