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Outstanding Automated Welding & Bore Service

Hawthorne's Cat weld and bore process is a better, stronger and more cost-effective way to rebuild out-of-round bores from machine frame articulation joints to loader arms and buckets.

Hawthorne builds and repairs buckets, blades, sticks, booms, motor grader circles, roller frames, loader towers and more. Hawthorne can recondition a wide range of expensive components at considerable savings over the cost of new. Salvaging operations for transmission shaft bearing surfaces, rear differential trunnions, turbo exhaust housings, pump shaft seal surfaces, yokes and similar components can, in fact, be reconditioned to specifications equal to or sometimes even better than new. 

Our welders are fully certified and capable of welding on carbon, stainless, aluminum, copper and alloy steels. The experts in our welding department repair cracks, build up edges and fill bolt holes to be retapped. They grind and sand surfaces to restore components to their original shape and strength. With one setup, an out-of-round bore is machined back to round and welded with one precise, consistent weld bead, then machined to the manufacturer’s original specifications.

Hawthorne has the solution for emergency repairs for machines that can't be brought into the shop. Our qualified field service technicians will come to your job site. The entire unit is portable, so repairs can be done in our shop or on site. We have the people and tools to weld, bend, drill and grind large metal components. All the sheet metal from a Certified Rebuild job goes to the fabrication shop. The shop also handles restoration of heavy-duty parts like dozer blades, buckets and scraper bowls.

San Diego
Dan Arguin
Utility Shop/Component Rebuild Manager

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Travis Tilton
General Service Manager

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Jimmy Cruz
Engine Service Manager
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San Diego – Power
Phillip J. Smith (PJ)
Service Manager - CSA Group/Truck Shop
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