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Prevent Downtime with Technical Analysis Inspections

Hawthorne Cat offers an in-depth assessment of the condition of your engine and machine to help you prevent unexpected downtime with our Technical Analysis Inspections. Our service team will visually inspect your machinery to assure it is operating at peak performance and efficiency, and inform you of parts or systems that need attention. The inspection can be done on your site or in our service shops.

Level 1
A basic and thorough inspection that gives owners and technicians an overview of the machine's condition.

Level 2
A more thorough inspection involves prognostic service tools, such as the DataView System and Electronic Technician. It also involves checking relief valve settings, system pressures, S.O.S. Services and oil filter inspection.

After inspection, our experts will recommend maintenance and repair options for your machine. A Technical Analysis is an excellent way for you to schedule your equipment's planned maintenance.

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