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Prevent Unscheduled Power Outages | Cat Electric Power Advisor

Plan ahead and be prepared for an unexpected power failure. Don’t wait until an emergency or natural disaster to rent emergency power.

Hawthorne Cat can provide you with rental power you need when you need it. The diesel and gas rental generator sets available are built to connect quickly and can be transported easily. Hawthorne's Rental Power Team can provide you with the expertise you need to help you develop a comprehensive emergency plan. Hawthorne's Rental Power Team can ensure you have sufficient space for your generator and the emergency power has the right fuel source and connectivity to run safely.

Refer to Cat Electric Power Advisor for more information. Contact a Hawthorne Rental Power Representative today to schedule an appointment.

San Diego
Paul Karpf
Rental Department Manager
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David Rodriguez
EPG Rental Sales Representative
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Bobby Fields
Rental Developer
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