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Smaller is Smarter | Compact Equipment Taking On Big Jobs

Bigger isn't always better when it comes to construction jobs. Work tool attachments have enabled compact machines to become more versatile than ever before. According to the Caterpillar blog, When Smaller is Smarter :: Compact Equipment Handling Big Jobs by Roy Brookhart "compact machines are better at construction and renovation tasks when working inside of buildings or on bridge and parking decks because they’re designed to work in confined areas and weigh less."

Smaller machines can't replace larger machines like excavators. However, some smaller machines like a skid steer loader can reach materials during a road resurfacing project that large machines can't.

Advantages of using compact equipment

  • Easier transportation
  • Easy rental
  • Ability to fit in small spaces like elevators and ships
  • Ability to work in confined spaces and move around obstructions and between structures
  • Comparable operation and application to larger machines

Read more about the advantages of optimizing your compact equipment. 

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