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Three Ways to Improve Machine Productivity

Properly operating your Cat® equipment helps maximize the machine productivity on your jobsite. Caterpillar's Roy Brookhart offers three tips for ensuring your equipment and work tools are operating efficiently and productively in his blog, "Three Ways to Get More Machine Productivity.

Choose the Best Machine for the Job. Every project and jobsite is different. Not all machines are ideal for every task. Select the machine that is best suited for each application. Be sure to consider location, job type, and work space.

Use Work Tools for Specialization. Some work tools are better suited for certain projects. Using the appropriate work tool can reduce the need for having additional machines. 

Quick reference tips include

  • Have various bucket widths available on your jobsite to reduce downtime. The added cost of purchasing the buckets will offset the cost of rework. 
  • Eliminate the need for specialty sweepers by adding a front-mounted boom to Skid Steer Loaders, Backhoe Loaders and Wheel Loaders.
  • Save time by using a Wheel Loader to transport materials traveling long distances.

Get to Know Your Equipment. Caterpillar® is continuously updating machines and attachments to include the latest technology to help you maximize jobsite productivity and reduce environmental impact. Spend time to fully understand the functionality of your equipment. Significantly reduce downtime by learning how to operate your equipment properly.

Read the blog for examples of how to match your equipment and work tools with the right application to improve machine productivity.

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