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Tips for Increasing Undercarriage Lifecycles

Cat undercarriage components on Cat Track Type Tractors are durable and designed to wear evenly. Properly maintaining your Cat equipment can minimize unexpected downtime and reduce costly repairs. Estela Estra, Caterpillar Marketing Communications Specialist, provides tips for maintaining your equipment’s undercarriage in her blog, “Three Ways to Improve Undercarriage Lifecycles.

  • Matching the Right Machine with the Right Job | Choosing the right Cat machine and system configuration is a key component in expanding the lifecycle of the undercarriage. Forcing the wrong machine to handle an application can increase the amount of material circulating through the undercarriage. Wear and tear will accelerate faster and will require more maintenance on your Cat machine.
  • Operating Techniques | Encourage machine operators to practice good techniques like avoiding sharp turns, counter rotating, high-speed reversing, and continuous side sloping to maximize the up time of your Cat machine.
  • Daily Inspections | Perform daily walk-around inspections to help identify any abnormalities on your Cat Machine that can result in unexpected downtime.   

Read the blog and contact the Hawthorne Cat Service Team to schedule a routine maintenance check.

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