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What’s the Best Undercarriage for Your Needs?

Hawthorne Cat can help you find the best undercarriage for any application. Our expertise and your work experience are the most important factors in selecting a Cat® undercarriage that’s the right fit for your business and your machine.

The first thing to do is define your needs as precisely as possible, including these parameters:

  • How long you plan to own the machine
  • Hours used per week
  • Attachments on your track-type tractor
  • Grades/slopes on job site, impact conditions, etc. 

Our Undercarriage Selection Chart is a good place to start defining what will be the best undercarriage for your budget and work. The selection chart matches features with your job requirements, and rates choices as “Good, Better and Best” in several categories.

The Hawthorne Cat Product Support Team has undercarriage assessment tools that can run cost-per-hour scenarios. You can also get expert advice that will help you determine which undercarriage option is the best fit for your operation.

To find answers to your questions about what goes into making an informed choice, read the Cat Undercarriage FAQ. You’ll find responses on topics such as:

  1. How does quality differ from one Cat undercarriage option to another?
  2. What about variations in performance?
  3. Are General Duty, Heavy Duty and System One undercarriages engineered and manufactured to Caterpillar’s consistent standards?
  4. How do I know whether I need a Cat premium undercarriage or another option?
  5. Where can I learn about the warranty coverage on various Cat undercarriage options?

For more information about finding the best undercarriage for your application, contact the Hawthorne Cat Product Support Team.

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