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Why Cat Mini Excavators Are Ideal for Suburban Landscaping

Assess the size of your machine and the job terrain before you begin any construction project. Suburbs tend to have smaller subdivision lots compared to large cities, and transporting machines into condensed areas can be a challenge. Landscapers often have trouble finding the right compact machine with enough power to take on tough jobs. Cat mini excavators are the perfect solution for this dilemma, delivering high performance capabilities in a small package. They are also compatible with a wide range of couplers and attachments for extra versatility.

When choosing Cat mini excavators, keep these factors in mind:

  • Craning/lifting capacity. Newer mini excavators offer increased lifting capacity and machine stability. Applications that traditionally required a large excavator can now be accomplished with a smaller model.
  • Transportability. Think about your transportation resources and what size machines you will be able to haul. Some mini excavators can be towed on a trailer, while others require a flatbed truck.
  • Dig Depth. Be sure that the machine’s dig and reach are enough to meet your specific needs.
  • Machine Width. Some models feature an extendable undercarriage. This is helpful if you need to squeeze through narrow pathways or operate on smaller jobsites.

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