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Certified Powertrain Rebuild

A Caterpillar Certified Powertrain Rebuild by Hawthorne Cat can get your machine running like new again. A Certified Powertrain Rebuild is ideal for machines operating in harsh environments such as landfills. Recently, Hawthorne Cat completed a machine rebuild on an 836H landfill compactor that had been working daily at the Otay Landfill. The project was a success and the unit was delivered working and looking like new  - with a fresh coat of paint and a comprehensive certified 3 year, 6,000 hour warranty.

Read more about Certified Powertrain Rebuilds.

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A Coolant Analysis Can Help Prevent Engine Failure

Coolant or cooling-system problems contribute to more than 50% of all engine failures. These failures can be due to inadequate cooling system maintenance, incorrect concentration, poor operational procedures such as extensive lugging or inadequate cool-down procedures, or system problems such as stray electrical current or block-heater failure. These problems will eventually affect the oil condition, and may cause oil oxidation or anti-wear additive dropout.

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Cat Financial is Here to Help

Cat Financial provides financing options and leasing opportunities on all Caterpillar products. Learn more about the insurance coverage and risk management options also available for you from Cat Financial.

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Knowledge is Power | Cat Power Plants

The Caterpillar Power Plants division is a leading supplier of electric power generation and provides power solutions to more than 60 countries across six continents. Learn more about our efficient, reliable medium-speed power plant technology as well as our array of power plants options - natural gas, heavy fuel oil, crude oil, diesel oil, and renewables. You can view our online videos to learn more about why our power plants are the best choice.

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Generator Paralleling Switchgear

Demand for reliable power is greater than ever before. Even the slightest disturbance can threaten the integrity of entire power systems. If an outage occurs, irreplaceable data could be lost, money lost – even lives lost. Now, with Caterpillar® Generator Paralleling Switchgear, your ability to reliably provide and manage power to your facility is assured.

Hawthorne Power Systems offers switchgear suitable for applications ranging from single standby/load management to multi-unit utility paralleling installations.

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Prevent Downtime with Technical Analysis Inspections

Hawthorne Cat offers an in-depth assessment of the condition of your engine and machine to help you prevent unexpected downtime with our Technical Analysis Inspections. Our service team will visually inspect your machinery to assure it is operating at peak performance and efficiency, and inform you of parts or systems that need attention. The inspection can be done on your site or in our service shops.

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Marine Resource Center

Cat Marine Support provides expert tips on maintaining your engines and other information to get the best performance out of your engines.

Need your engine serviced? The Marine Support Center can provide guidance and options for you to get your vessel up and running again. Our Bundled Repair Brochure offers solution options for engine repair or complete overhaul.

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Online News & Support | Marine Power Systems

Caterpillar Marine Power Systems is your source for service and information about your Cat Marine products. Read the latest news and watch videos about the leading marine power systems. Our frequently asked questions database will guide you through troubleshooting minor hiccups in operations.

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