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Cat® Augers equip Cat machines for post hole auger applications, such as fencing, footings, sign posts, trees and shrubs in construction, agricultural and landscaping jobs..

Auger Accessories

Cat® Auger Accessories equip Cat Augers for post hole auger applications, such as fencing, footings, sign posts, trees and shrubs in construction, agricultural and landscaping jobs.

ModelTypeOverall LengthWeight
bcp_153-4083_152 mm (6 in)Standard Bit48.8 in51 lbVIEW
bcp_153-4084_229 mm (9 in)Standard Bit48.8 in75 lbVIEW
bcp_153-4085_305 mm (12 in)Standard Bit50.4 in101 lbVIEW
bcp_366-7752_381 mm (15 in)Standard Bit50.8 in111.1 lbVIEW
bcp_153-4086_457 mm (18 in)Standard Bit50.3 in143 lbVIEW
bcp_153-4089_610 mm (24 in)Standard Bit50.7 in203 lbVIEW
bcp_217-3194_762 mm (30 in)Standard Bit50.3 in282 lbVIEW
bcp_153-4091_914 mm (36 in)Standard Bit50.3 in381 lbVIEW
bcp_153-4092_610 mm (24 in)Tree Bit50.8 in163 lbVIEW
bcp_153-4095_457 mm (36 in)Standard Bit50.8 in309 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0260_152 mm (6 in)Industrial Bit48.2 in57 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0261_229 mm (9 in)Industrial Bit48 in72 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0262_305 mm (12 in)Industrial Bit48 in91 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0263_406 mm (16 in)Industrial Bit48 in114 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0264_457 mm (18 in)Industrial Bit48.2 in107 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0265_610 mm (24 in)Industrial Bit48 in150 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0230_152 mm (6 in)Rock Head Bit9.4 in23.4 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0231_229 mm (9 in)Rock Head Bit9.9 in33 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0232_305 mm (12 in)Rock Head Bit9.9 in41 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0233_381 mm (15 in)Rock Head Bit10.4 in47 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0234_457 mm (18 in)Rock Head Bit10.9 in55 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0235_610 mm (24 in)Rock Head Bit11.9 in79 lbVIEW
bcp_156-6328_305 mm (12 in) extensionAccessory19 in20 lbVIEW
bcp_217-3192_610 mm (24 in) extensionAccessory31 in33 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0256_914 mm (36 in) extensionAccessory42 in43 lbVIEW
bcp_372-0257_1829 mm (72 in) extensionAccessory78 in77 lbVIEW
bcp_156-6329_hex to roundAccessory14 in15 lbVIEW
bcp_217-3191_round to hexAccessory15 in15 lbVIEW


Cat® Augers are used for drilling holes for footings, fencing, signs, trees and shrubs in construction, agricultural, and landscaping applications. They are designed with the right amount of speed and torque for maximum productivity in a broad range of soil types.

ModelDrive Shaft Torque @ Max PressureDrive MethodMounting Bracket Design
bcp_218-3178_a14b, ssl, cwl1700 lb.ftGerotor Motor - Direct DriveSkid Steer Loader, Compact Wheel LoaderVIEW
bcp_219-7706_a19b, ssl, cwl3037 lb.ftGerotor Motor - Single Planetary ReductionSkid Steer Loader, Compact Wheel LoaderVIEW
bcp_424-0440_a26b, ssl, cwl5034 lb.ftGerotor Motor - Double Planetary DriveSkid Steer Loader, Compact Wheel LoaderVIEW

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