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Enhance the performance of Cat® Backhoes with buckets designed specifically to meet needs in the construction market. Backhoe Front Buckets match specific job requirements for capacity and functionality.

General Purpose Buckets

General Purpose Buckets for Cat® Backhoe Loaders are the all-around choice for loading, carrying, dumping and performing general clean-up work.

bcp_251-1780_0.8 m3 (1.0 yd3)89.1 in29.8 in776 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7382_0.8 m3 (1.0 yd3)89.1 in29.8 in776 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1778_0.8 m3 (1.0 yd3), boce89.1 in30.6 in776 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7383_0.8 m3 (1.0 yd3), boce89.1 in30.6 in975.5 lbVIEW
bcp_190-1055_0.8 m3 (1.0 yd3), bot89 in31 in896 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1796_1.0 m3 (1.25 yd3), bot89.1 in41.6 in1018.1 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7385_1.0 m3 (1.25 yd3)89.1 in33.2 in965 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1789_1.0 m3 (1.25 yd3)89.1 in33.2 in965 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7386_1.0 m3 (1.25 yd3), boce89.1 in33.9 in1021 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1787_1.0 m3 (1.25 yd3), boce89.1 in33.9 in1119.1 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7387_1.0 m3 (1.25 yd3), bot89.1 in34.3 in966.1 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1788_1.0 m3 (1.25 yd3), bot89.1 in34.3 in1026 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1797_1.0 m3 (1.25 yd3)89.1 in40.5 in957 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1795_1.0 m3 (1.25 yd3), boce89.1 in41.1 in1110.9 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7396_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3)94.7 in33 in988.1 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7397_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), boce94.7 in33.8 in1179 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1800_1.0 m3 (1.31 yd3)94.7 in39.7 in979.1 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1798_1.0 m3 (1.31 yd3), boce94.7 in40.4 in1168.9 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1799_1.0 m3 (1.31 yd3), bot94.7 in40.8 in1041.9 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1786_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3)89.1 in34.8 in1011.9 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7388_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3)89.1 in34.8 in1011.9 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7389_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), boce89.1 in35.5 in1162.1 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7390_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), bot89.1 in35.9 in1063.1 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1777_1.2 m3 (1.5 yd3)94.7 in34.8 in1056 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7401_1.2 m3 (1.5 yd3)94.7 in34.8 in1056 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1775_1.2 m3 (1.5 yd3), boce94.7 in35.5 in1209.9 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7402_1.2 m3 (1.5 yd3), boce94.7 in39.6 in1241 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7403_1.2 m3 (1.5 yd3), bot94.7 in35.9 in1112.2 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1776_1.2 m3 (1.5 yd3), bot94.7 in35.9 in1117.1 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1794_1.2 m3 (1.5 yd3)94.7 in40.5 in467.2 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1792_1.2 m3 (1.5 yd3), boce94.7 in41.1 in1184.1 lbVIEW
bcp_251-1793_1.2 m3 (1.5 yd3), bot94.7 in41.6 in1091.1 lbVIEW
bcp_270-9165_1.3 m3 (1.75 yd3)95.8 in38.6 in1240 lbVIEW
bcp_270-9163_1.3 m3 (1.75 yd3)95.8 in39.4 in1472.9 lbVIEW

Multi-Purpose Buckets

Multi-Purpose Buckets for Cat® Backhoe Loaders offer excellent versatility by enabling one work tool to do the job of many. This bucket is ideal for material handling, clamping, grading, leveling and grasping irregularly shaped objects.

bcp_337-7436_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3)94.7 in38.8 in1593.1 lbVIEW
bcp_216-8800_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3)89 in39 in1593 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2685_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), w/forks89.1 in56.8 in1957.9 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7439_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), w/forks89.1 in56.8 in1819 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2683_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), boce, w/forks89.1 in41.8 in2084 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7441_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), boce, w/forks89.1 in57.5 in1973.1 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2681_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), boce89.1 in39.5 in1718.9 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7438_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), boce89.1 in39.5 in1742.1 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7437_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), bot89.1 in38.8 in1642 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2682_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), bot89.1 in39.9 in1694.9 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2684_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), bot, w/forks89.1 in57.9 in2061.1 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7440_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), bot, w/forks89.1 in57.9 in1873.9 lbVIEW
bcp_216-8810_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3)89 in39 in1549 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2696_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), boce89.1 in39.9 in1677.1 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2697_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), bot89.1 in40.3 in1653.9 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7445_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), w/forks95.5 in56.8 in2002.9 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7442_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3)95.5 in38.8 in1655 lbVIEW
bcp_216-8820_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3)95 in39 in1656 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2690_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), w/forks95.5 in56.8 in2002.9 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7447_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), boce, w/forks95.5 in57.5 in2099 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7444_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), boce95.5 in39.5 in1856.1 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2686_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), boce95.5 in39.5 in1787.9 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2688_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), boce, w/forks95.5 in57.5 in2153.9 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7446_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), bot, w/forks95.5 in57.9 in1944 lbVIEW
bcp_337-7443_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), bot95.5 in39.8 in1722 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2689_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), bot, w/forks95.5 in56.8 in2121.9 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2687_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), bot95.5 in38.8 in1755.1 lbVIEW
bcp_216-8840_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3)95 in39 in1612 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2698_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), boce95.5 in39.9 in1748 lbVIEW
bcp_232-2699_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), bot95.5 in39.2 in1716.1 lbVIEW
bcp_272-1701_1.2 m3 (1.5 yd3)95.5 in41.7 in2105 lbVIEW
bcp_272-1700_1.2 m3 (1.5 yd3), w/forks95.5 in41.7 in2455.9 lbVIEW
bcp_268-5601_1.2 m3 (1.6 yd3), boce95.5 in38 in1976 lbVIEW

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