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Harness the power of Cat® Wheel Loaders, Track Loaders and Integrated Toolcarriers. Specialty-designed buckets handle everything from fertilizer and woodchips up through highly abrasive rock and slag. Loader Buckets are available to match Cat Loaders to any job, anywhere, any time.

Bucket GET Options

Get bottom-line results from your production front line, plus support from experts invested in your business. Cat G.E.T. holds tighter, changes easier and stays sharper for better tip life, uptime and penetration—keeping your productivity high and operating costs low.Options include hammer-through and hammerless retention, in a range of styles.

ModelConnection Type
Bucket TipsK-Series / Cap-Sure / J-SeriesVIEW
Edge ProtectionPin-on / Weld-on / Bolt-onVIEW
Sidebar ProtectionPin-on / Weld-on / Bolt-onVIEW
Wear ExtrasWeld-on / Mechanically AttachedVIEW

Coal - Performance Series

Designed to handle coal (or material of the same density), Coal Buckets can increase production by 50% over standard buckets.

ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
11.5m- (15yd-)15.0 yd3162.0 inPin-OnVIEW
11.5m³ (15yd³)15.0 yd3162.0 inPin-onVIEW
13.4m- (17.5yd-)17.5 yd3172.0 inPin-OnVIEW
13m- (17yd-)17.0 yd3162.0 inPin-onVIEW
13m- (17yd-)17.0 yd3162.0 inPin-OnVIEW
14.5m- (19yd-)19.0 yd3175.0 inPin-OnVIEW
19m- (25yd-)25.0 yd3243.0 inPin-OnVIEW
23m- (31yd-)31.0 yd3248.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.2m- (4.25yd-)4.25 yd3109.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.4m- (4.5yd-)4.5 yd3106.0 inFusion™VIEW
3.8m- (5yd-)5.0 yd3121.0 inPin-OnVIEW
31.3m- (41yd-)41.0 yd3245.0 inPin-OnVIEW
35.9m- (47yd-) Serrated Edge47.0 yd3248.0 inPin-OnVIEW
4m- (5.25yd-)5.25 yd3120.0 inFusion™VIEW
5.7m- (7.5yd-)7.5 yd3130.0 inFusion™VIEW
5.9m- (7.75yd-)7.75 yd3130.0 inFusion™VIEW
6.5m- (8.5yd-) Coal Seam8.5 yd3150.0 inPin-OnVIEW
7.1m- (9.25yd-) Performance Series9.25 yd3136.0 inPin-OnVIEW
8.2m- (10.75yd-) Performance Series10.75 yd3143.0 inPin-OnVIEW

Fusion™ Grading Bucket

The Cat® Grading Bucket has a long, flat floor giving the operator complete visibility of the cutting edge. The shape of the bucket provides flexibility to scoop material, level or backfill.

ModelBucket LinkageHeightLength
2700mm (106in), FusionFusion43.0 in72.0 inVIEW

General Purpose Buckets

General Purpose Buckets increase productivity of Cat® Loaders due to their bigger, tougher design.

bcp_345-2818_1.9 m3 (2.5 yd3)99.5 in48.8 in1787.9 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2820_2.1 m3 (2.7 yd3)99.5 in50.9 in1885 lbVIEW
ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
2.29m³ (3yd³)3.0 yd3106.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.2m³ (2.85yd³)2.85 yd3100.0 inFusionVIEW
2.3 m3 (3.0 yd3)3.0 yd3100.0 inFusion, Pin-on, ISOVIEW
bcp_345-2822_2.3 m3 (3.0 yd3)99.5 in52.7 in1966.6 lbVIEW
ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
2.3m³ (3yd³)3.0 yd3101.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.48m³ (3.25yd³)3.25 yd3106.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.4m³ (3.1yd³)3.1 yd3100.0 inFusionVIEW
bcp_345-2784_2.5 m3 (3.2 yd3)107.4 in52.5 in2123 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2824_2.5 m3 (3.2 yd3)99.5 in54.4 in2153.9 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2424_2.5 m3 (3.2 yd3)99.2 in54.3 in2120.8 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2804_2.5 m3 (3.2 yd3)107.4 in52.6 in2156.1 lbVIEW
ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
2.68m³ (3.5yd³)3.5 yd3115.0 inPin-OnVIEW
bcp_345-2426_2.7 m3 (3.5 yd3)107.4 in54.3 in2220.1 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2427_2.7 m3 (3.5 yd3), boce107.4 in55.3 in2541.9 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2816_2.7 m3 (3.5 yd3)99.5 in55.8 in2134.1 lbVIEW
bcp_360-3320_2.1 m3 (2.7 yd3)100 in50.7 in1818.8 lbVIEW
ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
2.79m³ (3.65yd³)3.65 yd3106.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.87m³ (3.75yd³)3.75 yd3115.0 inPin-OnVIEW
bcp_417-4929_2.9 m3 (3.8 yd3), boce108.1 in56.7 in2601.5 lbVIEW
ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
3.06m³ (4yd³)4.0 yd3115.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.06m³ (4yd³)4.0 yd3106.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.1m- (4yd-)5.0 yd3114.0 inFusion™VIEW
3.1m- (4yd-)4.0 yd3106.0 inFusionVIEW
3.25m- (4.25yd-)4.25 yd3115.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.44m- (4.5yd-)4.5 yd3115.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.4m- (4.5yd-)4.5 yd3114.0 inFusion™VIEW
3.4m- (4.5yd-)4.5 yd3106.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.63m- (4.75yd-)4.75 yd3115.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.8m- (5yd-)5.0 yd3114.0 inFusion™VIEW
3.8m- (5yd-)5.0 yd3114.0 inFusionVIEW
3.8m- (5yd-) Performance Series5.0 yd3126.0 inPin-OnVIEW
354-48493.5 yd3114.0 inPin-OnVIEW
354-48503.5 yd3114.0 inFusion™VIEW
4.2m- (5.5yd-) Performance Series5.5 yd3126.0 inPin-OnVIEW
4.4m- (5.75yd-) Performance Series5.75 yd3126.0 inPin-OnVIEW
4.6m- (6yd-) Performance Series6.0 yd3126.0 inPin-OnVIEW
4.8m- (6.3yd-) Performance Series6.3 yd3126.0 inPin-OnVIEW
4m- (5.25yd-) Performance Series5.25 yd3126.0 inPin-OnVIEW
5.3m- (7yd-) Performance Series7.0 yd3134.0 inPin-OnVIEW
5.7m- (7.5yd-) Performance Series7.5 yd3134.0 inPin-OnVIEW
5m- (6.5yd-) Performance Series6.5 yd3126.0 inPin-OnVIEW
6.9m- (9yd-) Performance Series9.0 yd3157.0 inPin-OnVIEW
6.9m- (9yd-) Performance Series9.0 yd3152.0 inPin-OnVIEW
6.9m- (9yd-) Performance Series9.0 yd3156.0 inPin-OnVIEW
6m- (7.85yd-) Performance Series7.85 yd3134.0 inPin-OnVIEW
7.7m- (10yd-)10.0 yd3152.0 inPin-OnVIEW
7.7m- (10yd-) Performance Series10.0 yd3152.0 inPin-OnVIEW
7.7m- (10yd-) Performance Series10.0 yd3152.0 inPin-OnVIEW
7.7m- (10yd-) Performance Series10.0 yd3152.0 inPin-OnVIEW
8.4m- (11yd-) Performance Series11.0 yd3152.0 inPin-OnVIEW
bcp_345-2418_1.9 m3 (2.5 yd3)99.7 in48.6 in1708.6 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4919_1.9 m3 (2.5 yd3), boce100.4 in49.6 in2008.4 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4359_1.9 m3 (2.5 yd3), boce100.4 in49.6 in2072.3 lbVIEW
bcp_360-3321_2.1 m3 (2.7 yd3), boce100.4 in51.7 in2101 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4921_2.1 m3 (2.7 yd3), boce100.4 in51.7 in2164.9 lbVIEW
bcp_360-3322_2.3 m3 (3.0 yd3)100 in52.5 in1902.6 lbVIEW
bcp_360-3323_2.3 m3 (3.0 yd3), boce100.4 in53.5 in2142.9 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4923_2.3 m3 (3.0 yd3), boce100.4 in53.5 in2248.7 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4355_2.5 m3 (3.2 yd3), boce108.1 in53.5 in2431.7 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4925_2.5 m3 (3.2 yd3), boce100.4 in55.3 in2403 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2814_2.5 m3 (3.2 yd3)99.5 in54.4 in2156.1 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4895_2.5 m3 (3.2 yd3), boce108.1 in53.5 in2455.9 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4345_2.5 m3 (3.2 yd3), boce100.4 in55.3 in2442.7 lbVIEW
bcp_360-3336_2.7 m3 (3.5 yd3)100 in55.7 in2120.8 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2826_2.7 m3 (3.5 yd3)107.4 in54.4 in2250.9 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4927_2.7 m3 (3.5 yd3), boce108.1 in55.3 in2552.9 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2428_2.7 m3 (3.5 yd3)107.4 in55.7 in2297.2 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2828_2.9 m3 (3.8 yd3)107.4 in55.9 in2330.3 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4349_2.9 m3 (3.8 yd3), boce108.1 in56.7 in2650 lbVIEW


Grapple buckets, equipped with dual top clamps, grab and hold loose material. They are key producers in transfer stations, landfills and similar applications.

ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
2.3m- (3yd-)3.0 yd3100.0 inPin-onVIEW
2.3m- (3yd-)3.0 yd3106.0 inFusionVIEW
2.5m- (3.25yd-)3.25 yd3106.0 inPin-onVIEW
2.7m- (3.5yd-)3.5 yd3106.0 inPin-onVIEW
2.8m- (3.6yd-)3.6 yd3106.0 inFusionVIEW
3.25m- (4.25yd-)4.25 yd3115.0 inFusionVIEW
3.6m- (4.75yd-)4.75 yd3120.0 inFusion™VIEW
315-60972.8 yd3106.0 inJ250VIEW
ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
377-61786.0 yd3120.0 inFusion™VIEW
377-61826.0 yd3120.0 inPin-onVIEW

Heavy Duty Granite

For use in extremely aggressive applications such as face-loading granite. Intended for use in high-abrasion, high-impact materials where a smooth floor is desired. Built on the proven Rock Bucket platform, the HD Granite bucket is up-sized and armored to thrive in the most dense and abrasive materials.

ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
10.7m- (14yd-)14.0 yd3203.0 inPin-onVIEW
13m- (17yd-)17.0 yd3203.0 inPin-onVIEW
6.4m- (8.33yd-)8.33 yd3157.0 inPin-onVIEW
6.4m- (8.3yd-) Performance Series8.3 yd3157.0 inPin-onVIEW
8.6m- (11.25yd-) Performance Series11.25 yd3182.0 inPin-onVIEW

Heavy Duty Rock

These buckets are designed to work principally in mining and quarry industries, with either straight or spade edges. The straight edge has higher breakout force and increased dump clearance; the spade edge offers better penetration.

ModelCapacity - AdaptersWidthBucket Linkage
10.7m- (14yd-)14.0 yd3200.0 inPin-onVIEW
3.6m- (4.75yd-)4.75 yd3128.0 inPin-onVIEW
4.6m- (6yd-) Quarry6.0 yd3138.0 inPin-onVIEW
4m- (5.25yd-)5.25 yd3128.0 inPin-onVIEW
6.4m- (8.3yd-) Performance Series8.3 yd3161.0 inPin-onVIEW
6.4m- (8.3yd-) Performance Series8.3 yd3161.0 inPin-onVIEW
8.6m- (11.25yd-) Performance Series11.25 yd3184.0 inPin-onVIEW

High Abrasion Rock

High Abrasion Rock Buckets are built for extremely aggressive applications such as face loading iron ore. Intended for use in materials where high abrasion and moderate impact is encountered and a smooth floor is desired.

ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
10.7m- (14yd-)14.0 yd3200.0 inPin-OnVIEW
10m- (13yd-) Iron Ore13.0 yd3203.0 inPin-OnVIEW
12.2m- (16yd-)16.0 yd3203.0 inPin-OnVIEW
13m- (17yd-)17.0 yd3203.0 inPin-OnVIEW
4.4m- (5.75yd-) Iron Ore5.75 yd3155.0 inPin-OnVIEW
4.7m- (6.2yd-) Iron Ore6.2 yd3154.0 inPin-onVIEW
7m- (9.2yd-) Iron Ore9.2 yd3175.0 inPin-OnVIEW
9m- (11.8yd-) Iron Ore11.8 yd3193.0 inPin-OnVIEW

High Dump Buckets

High Dump Buckets feature greatly increased dump height over standard material-handling buckets. Whether loading trucks, feeding compactors or just working in the pile, high dump buckets offer the performance you need.

ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
2.3m³ (3yd³)3.0 yd3105.0 inFusionVIEW
2.7m³ (3.5yd³)3.5 yd3105.0 inFusionVIEW
bcp_473-6945_3.0 m3 (3.9 yd3), boce99.5 in65.5 in3763.3 lbVIEW
bcp_461-1430_3.0 m3 (3.9 yd3), boce99.5 in65.5 in3833.8 lbVIEW
ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
3.1m³ (4yd³)4.0 yd3114.0 inFusionVIEW
bcp_473-6942_3.5 m3 (4.6 yd3), boce107.4 in67.2 in3961.7 lbVIEW
bcp_461-7080_3.5 m3 (4.6 yd3), boce106.9 in67.2 in4027.8 lbVIEW
ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
3.6m³ (4yd³)4.0 yd3114.0 inPin-OnVIEW
bcp_461-7085_4.1 m3 (5.4 yd3), boce119.4 in67.8 in4753.2 lbVIEW
bcp_464-2890_4.1 m3 (5.4 yd3), boce119.4 in67.8 in4759.8 lbVIEW
bcp_476-9305_4.2 m3 (5.4 yd3), boce119.4 in67.8 in4687 lbVIEW
ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
4.6m- (6yd-)6.0 yd3115.0 inFusionVIEW
bcp_476-9308_5.0 m3 (6.5 yd3), boce119.4 in73.4 in4909.7 lbVIEW
bcp_461-7060_5.0 m3 (6.5 yd3), boce119.3 in73.4 in4973.6 lbVIEW
bcp_464-2895_5.0 m3 (6.5 yd3), boce119.4 in73.4 in4978 lbVIEW
ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
384-07658.0 yd3115.0 inPin-onVIEW
5.0 m3 (6.5 yd3)6.5 yd3120.0 inPin-on, FusionVIEW
5.4m- (7yd-)7.0 yd3120.0 inFusionVIEW

Light Material Buckets

Light Material Buckets are specially designed for maximum efficiency and increased capacity when loading light, loosely-packed materials.

bcp_441-4460_3.0 m3 (4.0 yd3)107.4 in52.9 in2370 lbVIEW
bcp_452-7417_3.0 m3 (4.0 yd3), boce108.1 in53.9 in2689.6 lbVIEW
bcp_441-4450_3.0 m3 (4.0 yd3)107.4 in52.9 in2411.9 lbVIEW
bcp_452-7416_3.0 m3 (4.0 yd3), boce108.1 in53.9 in2731.5 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2760_3.5 m3 (4.5 yd3)107.4 in56.1 in2255.2 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4935_3.5 m3 (4.5 yd3), boce108.1 in57 in2872.6 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2764_3.5 m3 (4.5 yd3)107.4 in56 in2599.2 lbVIEW
bcp_360-3315_3.5 m3 (4.5 yd3)107.4 in56 in2597 lbVIEW
bcp_360-3332_3.5 m3 (4.5 yd3), boce108.1 in57 in2894.7 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4905_3.5 m3 (4.5 yd3), boce108.1 in57 in2903.5 lbVIEW
bcp_441-4475_3.8 m3 (5.0 yd3)107.4 in57 in2696.3 lbVIEW
bcp_450-0252_3.8 m3 (5.0 yd3), boce108.1 in58.2 in3015.9 lbVIEW
bcp_441-4465_3.8 m3 (5.0 yd3)107.4 in57.2 in2742.5 lbVIEW
bcp_441-4470_3.8 m3 (5.0 yd3)107.4 in57.2 in2738.1 lbVIEW
bcp_450-0250_3.8 m3 (5.0 yd3), boce108.1 in57.9 in3062.2 lbVIEW
bcp_450-0251_3.8 m3 (5.0 yd3), boce108.1 in57.9 in3024.7 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2768_4.2 m3 (5.5 yd3)107.4 in59.8 in2852.8 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4342_4.2 m3 (5.5 yd3), boce108.1 in60.6 in3172.4 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2770_4.2 m3 (5.5 yd3)107.4 in59.8 in2892.5 lbVIEW
bcp_360-3316_4.2 m3 (5.5 yd3)107.4 in59.8 in2896.9 lbVIEW
bcp_360-3333_4.2 m3 (5.5 yd3), boce108.1 in60.6 in3170.2 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4942_4.2 m3 (5.5 yd3), boce108.1 in60.6 in3174.7 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2762_5.0 m3 (6.5 yd3)107.4 in65.4 in2991.7 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4950_5.0 m3 (6.5 yd3), boce108.1 in66.4 in3311.3 lbVIEW
bcp_345-2766_5.0 m3 (6.5 yd3)107.4 in65.4 in3042.4 lbVIEW
bcp_360-3317_5.0 m3 (6.5 yd3)107.4 in65.4 in3038 lbVIEW
bcp_360-3334_5.0 m3 (6.5 yd3), boce108.1 in66.4 in3298.1 lbVIEW
bcp_417-4350_5.0 m3 (6.5 yd3), boce108.1 in66.4 in3300.3 lbVIEW

Material Handling

Material Handling Bucket is a flat-floor bucket used for handling stockpiled materials such as aggregates or other easy-to-load materials requiring moderate breakout force.

ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
2.3m³ (3yd³)3.0 yd3106.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.5m³ (3.25yd³)3.25 yd3106.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.5m³ (3.25yd³)3.25 yd3100.0 inFusionVIEW
2.7m³ (3.5yd³)3.5 yd3106.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.8m³ (3.65yd³)3.65 yd3106.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.9m³ (3.75yd³)3.75 yd3106.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2m³ (2.6yd³)2.6 yd3100.0 inFusionVIEW
3.1m³ (4yd³)4.0 yd3106.0 inFusionVIEW
3.1m³ (4yd³)4.0 yd3115.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.1m³ (4yd³)4.0 yd3106.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.25m- (4.25yd-)4.25 yd3115.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.2m- (4.25yd-)4.25 yd3115.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.4m- (4.5yd-)4.5 yd3106.0 inFusionVIEW
3.4m- (4.5yd-)4.5 yd3106.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.4m- (4.5yd-)4.5 yd3114.0 inFusionVIEW
3.4m- (4.5yd-)4.5 yd3115.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.4m³ (4.5yd³) Fertilizer4.5 yd3105.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.8m- (5yd-)5.0 yd3115.0 inPin-OnVIEW
314-32224.5 yd3106.0 inJ250VIEW
314-32243.25 yd3100.0 inJ250VIEW
ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
354-48573.5 yd3114.0 inPin-onVIEW
354-48583.5 yd3114.0 inFusion™VIEW
4.2m- (5.5yd-)5.5 yd3116.0 inPin-OnVIEW
4.2m- (5.5yd-) Performance Series5.5 yd3126.0 inPin-OnVIEW
4.4m- (5.75yd-)5.75 yd3116.0 inPin-OnVIEW
4.6m- (6yd-) Performance Series6.0 yd3126.0 inPin-OnVIEW
5.2m- (6.75yd-) Performance Series6.75 yd3126.0 inPin-OnVIEW
5.7m- (7.5yd-)7.5 yd3116.0 inPin-OnVIEW
5.7m- (7.5yd-) Performance Series7.5 yd3134.0 inPin-OnVIEW


Multi-Purpose Buckets have a unique four-way action that can load, strip topsoil, bull doze, clamp pipe or large chunks of concrete, clean up debris, and many other tasks.

ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
1.6m³ (2.1yd³)2.1 yd3103.0 inFusionVIEW
1.6m³ (2.1yd³)2.1 yd3103.0 inPin-OnVIEW
1.8m³ (2.4yd³)2.4 yd3110.0 inPin-OnVIEW
1.9m³ (2.5yd³)2.5 yd3108.0 inFusionVIEW
1.9m³ (2.5yd³)2.5 yd3103.0 inFusionVIEW
1.9m³ (2.5yd³)2.5 yd3122.0 inFusionVIEW
1.9m³ (2.5yd³)2.5 yd3103.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.1 m3 (2.7 yd3)2.7 yd3100.0 inFusionVIEW
2.9m- (3.75yd-)3.75 yd3116.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.9m- (3.75yd-)3.75 yd3116.0 inFusion™VIEW
3.1m- (4yd-)4.0 yd3127.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.1m- (4yd-)4.0 yd3127.0 inFusion™VIEW
380-83083.75 yd3116.0 inPin-onVIEW


Rock Buckets are designed for face or bank loading in mining or quarry applications. The straight-edge rock bucket provides higher breakout force and increased dump clearance. The spade-edge rock bucket offers increased penetration in certain applications.

ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
10.7m- (14yd-)14.0 yd3190.0 inPin-OnVIEW
10m- (13yd-) Performance Series13.0 yd3182.0 inPin-onVIEW
11.5m- (15yd-)15.0 yd3192.0 inPin-OnVIEW
12.2m- (16yd-)16.0 yd3200.0 inPin-OnVIEW
12.2m- (16yd-) Serrated Edge16.0 yd3190.0 inPin-OnVIEW
13.8m- (18yd-)18.0 yd3200.0 inPin-OnVIEW
13m- (17yd-)17.0 yd3200.0 inPin-OnVIEW
14.5m³ (19yd³)19.0 yd3200.0 inPin-OnVIEW
15m- (19.5yd-)19.5 yd3222.0 inPin-OnVIEW
15m- (19.5yd-) Serrated Edge19.5 yd3200.0 inPin-OnVIEW
17m- (22.5yd-)22.5 yd3222.0 inPin-OnVIEW
18m- (23.5yd-)23.5 yd3245.0 inPin-OnVIEW
19m- (25yd-)25.0 yd3222.0 inPin-OnVIEW
19m- (25yd-)25.0 yd3245.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.9m- (3.75yd-)3.75 yd3117.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.1m- (4yd-)4.0 yd3117.0 inFusion™VIEW
3.1m- (4yd-)4.0 yd3117.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.25m- (4.25yd-)4.25 yd3117.0 inFusion™VIEW
3.4m- (4.5yd-) Performance Series4.5 yd3128.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.6m- (4.75yd-) Performance Series4.75 yd3128.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.6m- (4.75yd-) Performance Series4.75 yd3128.0 inFusion™VIEW
4.4m- (5.75yd-) Performance Series5.75 yd3138.0 inPin-OnVIEW
4m- (5.25yd-) Performance Series5.25 yd3128.0 inPin-OnVIEW
6.4m- (8.3yd-) Performance Series8.3 yd3158.0 inPin-OnVIEW
6.4m- (8.3yd-) Performance Series8.3 yd3158.0 inPin-onVIEW
6.4m- (8.3yd-) Serrated Edge8.3 yd3156.0 inPin-onVIEW
6.9m- (9yd-) Performance Series9.0 yd3158.0 inPin-OnVIEW
6.9m- (9yd-) Performance Series9.0 yd3158.0 inPin-onVIEW
6.9m- (9yd-) Serrated Edge9.0 yd3156.0 inPin-onVIEW
6.9m- (9yd-) Serrated Edge9.0 yd3156.0 in10540.0 lbVIEW
ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
7.7m- (10yd-)10.0 yd3157.0 inPin-OnVIEW
7.7m- (10yd-) Performance Series10.0 yd3158.0 inPin-OnVIEW
7.7m- (10yd-) Performance Series10.0 yd3158.0 inPin-onVIEW
8.6m- (11.25yd-) Performance Series11.25 yd3182.0 inPin-onVIEW
9.2m- (12yd-) Performance Series12.0 yd3182.0 inPin-onVIEW
9.5m- (12.4yd-) Serrated Edge12.4 yd3182.0 inPin-OnVIEW

Sand & Gravel Buckets

Sand and Gravel Buckets are designed for aggregate handling in batch plant loader applications.

bcp_451-1409_2.5 m3 (3.2 yd3), boce108.1 in53.5 in2533.1 lbVIEW
bcp_466-2252_2.5 m3 (3.3 yd3), boce108.1 in53.5 in2581.6 lbVIEW
bcp_451-1410_2.7 m3 (3.5 yd3), boce108.1 in55.3 in2638.9 lbVIEW
bcp_466-2253_2.7 m3 (3.5 yd3), boce108.1 in55.3 in2667.6 lbVIEW
bcp_466-2255_2.7 m3 (3.5 yd3), boce108.1 in55.3 in2685.2 lbVIEW
bcp_469-0192_2.9 m3 (3.8 yd3), boce108 in56.7 in2724.9 lbVIEW
bcp_469-0194_2.9 m3 (3.8 yd3), boce108 in56.7 in2758 lbVIEW
bcp_451-1411_3.2 m3 (4.2 yd3), boce108.1 in58.6 in2788.8 lbVIEW
bcp_466-2256_3.2 m3 (4.2 yd3), boce108.1 in58.6 in2841.8 lbVIEW
bcp_466-2254_3.5 m3 (4.5 yd3), boce108.1 in58.6 in2844 lbVIEW

Side Dump

Side dump buckets can both dump forward as a standard bucket, or dump to the side. This functionality makes it uniquely suited to work in urban areas, small job sites, or other congested work environments.

ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
383-22333.75 yd3127.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.6m- (4.75yd-)4.75 yd3145.0 inFusion™VIEW
3.6m- (4.75yd-)4.75 yd3145.0 inPin-OnVIEW
1.63m³ (2.13yd³)2.13 yd3115.0 inFusionVIEW
1.63m³ (2.13yd³)2.13 yd3113.0 inPin-OnVIEW
1.72m³ (2.25yd³)2.25 yd3120.0 inFusionVIEW
1.83m³ (2.39yd³)2.39 yd3115.0 inFusionVIEW
1.9m³ (2.5yd³)2.5 yd3122.0 inFusionVIEW
1.9m³ (2.5yd³)2.5 yd3122.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.3m³ (3yd³)3.0 yd3121.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.9m- (3.75yd-)3.75 yd3127.0 inPin-OnVIEW
2.9m- (3.75yd-)3.75 yd3127.0 inFusionVIEW


Slag Buckets are specially designed to meet the unique challenges presented by slag handling applications.

ModelCapacityWidthBucket Linkage
3.4m- (4.5yd-)4.5 yd3128.0 inPin-OnVIEW
3.8m- (5yd-)5.0 yd3134.0 inPin-OnVIEW
5.3m- (7yd-)7.0 yd3154.0 inPin-OnVIEW
5.3m- (7yd-)7.0 yd3152.0 inPin-OnVIEW
5.3m- (7yd-)7.0 yd3156.0 inPin-OnVIEW
5.4m- (7yd-)7.0 yd3154.0 inPin-onVIEW
6.4m- (8.33yd-)8.33 yd3154.0 inPin-OnVIEW
6.4m- (8.3yd-)8.3 yd3159.0 inPin-onVIEW
8.5m- (11.2yd-)11.2 yd3177.0 inPin-OnVIEW
9.2m- (12yd-)12.0 yd3175.0 inPin-OnVIEW

Waste Dozing

Waste Dozing Buckets, part of the Waste bucket product offering, are ideal for moving large volumes of low density material across the floor in transfer stations and recycling centers.

438-7346 5.2m3 (6.75 yd3)6.75 Yd3121 in5012 lbVIEW
437-8266; 6.5m3 (8.5yd3)8.5 Yd3132 in6893 lbVIEW
435-7949; 9.9m3 (13yd3)13 Yd3153 in9283 lbVIEW

Waste Handling

Waste Buckets are designed for long life in the harsh world of refuse applications. This high-capacity bucket is well-suited for loading, sorting and other transfer station work.

3.3m- (4.25yd-)4.25 yd3100.0 in3221.0 lbVIEW
3.45m- (4.5yd-)4.5 yd3106.0 in3349.0 lbVIEW
3.4m- (4.5yd-)4.5 yd3129.0 in3385.0 lbVIEW
314-31794.25 yd3129.0 in3350.0 lbVIEW
314-31994.25 yd3129.0 in3350.0 lbVIEW
354-48716.75 yd3120.0 in4960.0 lbVIEW
354-48726.75 yd3120.0 in4663.0 lbVIEW
4.21m- (5.5yd-)5.5 yd3109.0 in4300.0 lbVIEW
4m- (5.25yd-)4.5 yd3106.0 in3349.0 lbVIEW
4m- (5.25yd-)5.25 yd3110.0 in3925.0 lbVIEW
5.2m- (6.75yd-)6.75 yd3120.0 in4769.0 lbVIEW
5.2m- (6.75yd-)6.75 yd3120.0 in4769.0 lbVIEW
6.5m- (8.5yd-)8.5 yd3132.0 in5664.0 lbVIEW
6.5m- (8.5yd-)8.5 yd3132.0 in6255.0 lbVIEW
9.8m- (12.75yd-)12.75 yd3153.0 in8615.0 lbVIEW

Waste Load & Carry

Load & Carry Buckets, part of the Waste bucket product offering, are ideal for carrying large volumes of low density materials, as well as loading above-grade trucks and hoppers, in transfer stations and recycling centers.

6.1m3 (8.0 yd3)8 yd3121 in5755 lbVIEW
7.5m3 (9.75 yd3)9.75 yd3132 in7336 lbVIEW
10.7m3 (14.0 yd3)14 yd3153 in9786 lbVIEW


Woodchip Buckets are available for forestry and millyard applications for production loading of woodchips and yard clean-up.

5m- (6.5yd-)6.5 yd3133.0 in2351.0 lbVIEW
5m- (6.5yd-)6.5 yd3129.0 in3670.0 lbVIEW
5.2m- (6.75yd-)6.75 yd3129.0 in3703.0 lbVIEW
5.5m- (7.25yd-)7.25 yd3129.0 in3572.0 lbVIEW
5.5m- (7.25yd-)7.25 yd3129.0 in4000.0 lbVIEW
5.7m- (7.5yd-)7.5 yd3129.0 in3400.0 lbVIEW
8m- (10.5yd-)10.5 yd3131.0 in5455.0 lbVIEW
354-487312.0 yd3131.0 in5331.0 lbVIEW
354-487412.0 yd3131.0 in5227.0 lbVIEW
9.2m- (12yd-)12.0 yd3131.0 in4676.0 lbVIEW
9.2m- (12yd-)12.0 yd3131.0 in5020.0 lbVIEW
9.9m- (13yd-)13.0 yd3155.0 in5606.0 lbVIEW
9.9m- (13yd-)13.0 yd3155.0 in5542.0 lbVIEW
11.5m- (15yd-)15.0 yd3164.0 in8570.0 lbVIEW
12.2m- (16yd-)16.0 yd3164.0 in8500.0 lbVIEW

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