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Cat® offers five types of buckets for Cat Telehandlers: General Purpose; Grapple; Light Material; Material Handling; and Multi-Purpose. While they share many common features, each is designed to perform certain specific tasks.

General Purpose Buckets

The Cat® General Purpose Bucket is designed to clean up sites, load, carry and dump in a variety of applications.

ModelRated Bucket CapacityWidthBucket Weight
0.76 m3 (1 yd3)1.0 yd373.0 in710.0 lbVIEW

Grapple Buckets

The Cat® Grapple Bucket is ideal for grasping bulky, irregularly shaped objects encountered in a wide range of applications.

ModelRated Bucket CapacityWidthBucket Weight
0.85 m3 (1.1 yd3)1.1 yd392.0 in1389.0 lbVIEW

Light Material Buckets

Cat® Light Material Buckets are the largest capacity buckets built for Cat Telehandlers. They are specially designed for efficiency in loading light, loosely packed materials, such as mulch, hay, fertilizer and snow.

ModelRated Bucket CapacityWidthBucket Weight
1.3 m3 (1.7 yd3)1.7 yd372 in768 lbVIEW
2 m3 (2.6 yd3)2.6 yd398 in1007 lbVIEW
2.5 m3 (3.25 yd3)3.25 yd398 in1159 lbVIEW
3 m3 (3.9 yd3)3.9 yd3106 in1320 lbVIEW

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