New | G310B Demo & Sorting Grapple

G310B Demo & Sorting Grapple

Capacity0.49 yd³
Weight - Including Bracket2266 lb
Closing Force1.42 Sh Ton
Cycle Time - Open1.1 s
Cycle Time - Close2.1 s
Height - Grapple Open53.5 in
Height - Grapple Closed56.69 in
Width - Grapple Open49.02 in
Width - Grapple Closed70.87 in
Depth33.46 in
Inside Height20.47 in
Hydraulic Requirements
Optimum Oil Flow - Open/Close16 gal/min
Maximum Working Pressure - Open/Close5076 psi
Optimum Oil Flow - Rotation11 gal/min
Maximum Working Pressure - Rotation2030 psi

If You Are Looking For A Fast, Productive Way To Handle Material—one That Is Dependable And Easily Serviced—you Will Find It With Cat Demolition & Sorting Grapples. Whether Taking Down A Building Or Sorting And Loading Material, It's Designed To Handle Your Demolition, Salvage And Recycling Needs. Capable Of Moving Volumes Of Material, Combined With The Ability To Sort And Recover Recyclables, This Grapple Will Add Profit To Your Bottom Line.


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