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The entire Cat® hammer line is built to provide productive and cost-effective demolition, tunneling and excavation power.


Cat® Hammers are high performance breakers, designed for maximum performance on demolition, construction and road work.

ModelImpact Energy ClassBlows Per MinuteMax. Rated Flow
392-1798 _B20_Side Mount_CB2950 ft-lbf400-80039.6 gal/minVIEW
392-1786 _B20_Side Mount_B2950 ft-lbf400-80039.6 gal/minVIEW
369-3564 _B20_Top Mount2950 ft-lbf400-80039.6 gal/minVIEW
416-4409_B30_Side Mount4425 ft-lbf350-70050.2 gal/minVIEW
416-4423_B30_Top Mount4425 ft-lbf350-70050.2 gal/minVIEW
373-5856_B35_Top Mount5532 ft-lbf250-55058.1 gal/minVIEW
355-3817_H110Es2000 ft-lbf450-100032 gal/minVIEW
355-7065_H115Es3000 ft-lbf370-80034 gal/minVIEW
355-7061_H120Es3500 ft-lbf350-62045.0 gal/minVIEW
355-7063_H130Es4500 ft-lbf320-60058 gal/minVIEW
363-0738_H140Es6000 ft-lbf325-54060 gal/minVIEW
426-4892_H140Es wear package6000 ft-lbf325-54060 gal/minVIEW
366-5119_H160Es8500 ft-lbf400-50579 gal/minVIEW
426-4894_H160Es wear package8500 ft-lbf400-50579 gal/minVIEW
366-5168_H180Es12000 ft-lbf275-45079 gal/minVIEW
426-4896_H180Es wear package12000 ft-lbf275-45079 gal/minVIEW
372-1528_H25D150 ft-lbf1000-19006.6 gal/minVIEW
437-5743_H35E300 ft-lbf600-18009.2 gal/minVIEW
417-9011_H35Es300 ft-lbf600-18009.2 gal/minVIEW
437-5729_H45E400 ft-lbf780-180016 gal/minVIEW
417-8977_H45Es400 ft-lbf780-180016 gal/minVIEW
437-5185_H55E (Flat Top)600 ft-lbf600-168022 gal/minVIEW
437-5717_H55E (Pin-on)600 ft-lbf600-168022 gal/minVIEW
417-8948_H55Es600 ft-lbf600-168022 gal/minVIEW
435-5318_H65E (Flat Top)800 ft-lbf720-174030 gal/minVIEW
438-3419_H65E Pin-on800 ft-lbf720-174030 gal/minVIEW
415-1112_H65Es800 ft-lbf720-174030 gal/minVIEW
465-5624_H80E1000 ft-lbf600-150034 gal/minVIEW
457-0158_H80Es1000 ft-lbf840-165034 gal/minVIEW
369-0786_H95Es1500 ft-lbf700-126040 gal/minVIEW

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