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Cat® Thumbs transform your excavator into a versatile material handling machine. Clear, demolish, move... whatever you need to.

Pro Series Hydraulic Thumbs

Pro Series Hydraulic Thumbs (Pro and Pro Plus models) offer the best load control and are rugged enough for demolition, handling rip rap and other heavy-duty tasks.

ModelNumber Of TeethStored HeightOverall Width
Pro Plus, 3-tooth328.1 in25.0 inVIEW
Pro Plus, 3-tooth325.8 in22.2 inVIEW
Pro Plus, 3-tooth, Center-Lock328.7 in23.3 inVIEW
Pro Plus, 3-tooth, Center-Lock325.3 in20.6 inVIEW
Pro Plus, 4-tooth425.8 in31.5 inVIEW
Pro Plus, 4-tooth428.1 in29.8 inVIEW
Pro Plus, 4-tooth, Center-Lock425.3 in31.5 inVIEW
Pro Plus, 5-tooth525.8 in28.6 inVIEW
Pro Plus, 5-tooth528.1 in36.3 inVIEW
Pro Plus, 5-tooth, Center-Lock528.7 in36.3 inVIEW
Pro Plus, 5-tooth, Center-Lock525.3 in28.6 inVIEW
Pro Plus, 6-tooth625.8 in39.6 inVIEW
Pro Plus, 6-tooth, Center-Lock625.3 in39.6 inVIEW
Pro, 3-tooth325.9 in22.2 inVIEW
Pro, 3-tooth328.2 in25.0 inVIEW
Pro, 3-tooth, Center-Lock328.7 in23.3 inVIEW
Pro, 3-tooth, Center-Lock325.2 in20.6 inVIEW
Pro, 4-tooth425.9 in31.5 inVIEW
Pro, 4-tooth428.2 in29.8 inVIEW
Pro, 4-tooth, Center-Lock428.7 in29.8 inVIEW
Pro, 4-tooth, Center-Lock425.2 in31.5 inVIEW
Pro, 5-tooth525.9 in28.6 inVIEW
Pro, 5-tooth528.2 in36.4 inVIEW
Pro, 5-tooth, Center-Lock528.7 in36.3 inVIEW
Pro, 5-tooth, Center-Lock525.2 in28.6 inVIEW
Pro, 6-tooth625.9 in39.6 inVIEW
Pro, 6-tooth, Center-Lock625.2 in39.6 inVIEW

Stiff Link Thumbs

Stiff Link Thumbs feature a rigid link and are attached to the excavator stick with a weld-on bracket. The bucket curls in to the thumb to pick, grab, sort and handle various types of material and objects found on most every job site.

ModelNo. Of TeethWidthLength
305-6742_294 mm (11.6 in) 2-Tooth211.6 in40.3 inVIEW
305-6743_294 mm (11.6 in) 2-Tooth211.6 in49 inVIEW
401mm (15.8in) 3-tooth315.8 in58.6 inVIEW
460mm (18.1in) 3-tooth318.1 in75.5 inVIEW
460mm (18.1in) 3-tooth318.1 in75.5 inVIEW
490mm (19.3in) 3-tooth319.3 in80.9 inVIEW
545mm (21.5in) 4-tooth421.5 in58.5 inVIEW
545mm (21.5in) 4-tooth421.5 in58.6 inVIEW
601mm (23.7in) 3-tooth323.7 in81.0 inVIEW
606mm (23.8in) 4-tooth423.8 in75.5 inVIEW
606mm (23.9in) 4-tooth423.9 in75.5 inVIEW
679mm (26.7in) 4-tooth426.7 in59.3 inVIEW
679mm (26.7in) 4-tooth426.7 in58.6 inVIEW
729mm (28.7in) 4-tooth428.7 in80.9 inVIEW
732mm (28.8in) 4-tooth428.8 in75.5 inVIEW
732mm (28.8in) 4-tooth428.8 in75.5 inVIEW
756mm (29.8in) 4-tooth429.8 in81.0 inVIEW
837mm (33in) 4-tooth433.0 in80.9 inVIEW
900mm (35.4in) 4-tooth435.4 in81.0 inVIEW

Utility Thumbs

A cost-effective thumb design with hydraulic thumb control, combined with wide compatibility with machines, buckets and couplers.

ModelLengthStored HeightOverall Width
451-6380_302.4/302.7, PIN-ON30.8 in10.7 in14.68 inVIEW
309-1917_303/303.5/304, PIN-ON32.2 in12.2 in13.4 inVIEW
309-1938_303/303_.5/304, PIN-ON32.2 in12.1 in15.2 inVIEW
290-6525_305/305.5, PIN-ON37.7 in10.7 in15.2 inVIEW
309-1948_305/305_.5, PIN-ON37.7 in11 in18.8 inVIEW
305-6740_308, PIN-ON40.3 in18.3 in18 inVIEW
305-6741_308, PIN GRABBER49 in21.9 in18 inVIEW
311312314, Pin Grabber61.6 in18.7 in12.6 inVIEW
311312314, Pin-On53.4 in19.3 in12.6 inVIEW
315316318, Pin Grabber67.5 in18.9 in12.8 inVIEW
315316318, Pin-On60.2 in18.9 in12.8 inVIEW
318-329, Pin Grabber77.6 in18.6 in24.1 inVIEW
318-329, Pin-On67.9 in18.6 in16.0 inVIEW

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