New | 301.7D Mini Hydraulic Excavator

The Cat® 301.7D gives you a blend of power, control and stability to make your working day easier and more productive.

Engine ModelYanmar 3TNV76
Net Power17.7 hp
Displacement40.0 in3
Gross Power (ISO 14396)24.3 hp
Rated Net Power @ 2,200 rpm (ISO 9249)17.7 hp
Operating Weight3810.0 lb
Operating Weight with Cab3792.0 lb
Operating Weight with Cab and Extending Undercarriage4068.0 lb
Operating Weight with Canopy3550.0 lb
Operating Weight with Canopy and Extending Undercarriage3825.0 lb
Travel System
Travel Speed2.8 km/h/5.6 km/h (1.74 mph/3.48 mph)
Hydraulic System
Operating Pressure - Equipment2900.0 psi
Operating Pressure - Travel2900.0 psi
Operating Pressure - Swing1813.0 psi
Auxiliary Circuits - Primary30 L/min at 170 bar (8 gal/min at 2,465 psi)
Auxiliary Circuits - Secondary17 L/min at 200 bar (4.5 gal/min at 2,900 psi)
Maximum Bucket Force4226.0 lb
Maximum Stick Force - Long Stick2203.0 lb
Maximum Stick Force - Standard Stick2518.0 lb
Pump Flow @ 2,200 rpm1.7 gal/min
Width39.0 in
Height9.0 in
Dig Depth - Standard Blade12.5 in
Lift Height - Standard Blade8.0 in
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity6.3 gal
Hydraulic Tank Capacity5.5 gal
Dimensions (Approximate) - Long Stick
Boom Swing Angle (LH)77°/64°
Boom Swing Angle (RH)48.0 Degrees
Height7.51 ft
Length of Undercarriage (Extending)5.25 ft
Length of Undercarriage (Fixed)4.74 ft
Maximum Boom Offset (LH)1.18 ft
Maximum Boom Offset (RH)1.71 ft
Maximum Dig Height11.79 ft
Maximum Digging Depth7.87 ft
Maximum Dozer Dig Depth1.0 ft
Maximum Dozer Lift Height8.0 in
Maximum Dump Height8.56 ft
Maximum Reach at Ground Level12.78 ft
Maximum Vertical Dig Depth5.31 ft
Tail Swing Radius3.84 ft
Transport Length (Arm Lowered)12.65 ft
Undercarriage Width (Extended)4.27 ft
Undercarriage Width (Retracted)3.25 ft
Width3.25 ft
Operating Specifications
Machine Overhang19.5 in
Stick Length - Long46.0 in
Stick Length - Standard39.6 in
Dimensions (Approximate) - Standard Stick
Boom Swing Angle (LH)77°/64°
Boom Swing Angle (RH)48.0 Degrees
Height7.51 ft
Length of Undercarriage (Extending)5.25 ft
Length of Undercarriage (Fixed)4.74 ft
Maximum Boom Offset (LH)1.18 ft
Maximum Boom Offset (RH)1.71 ft
Maximum Dig Height11.43 ft
Maximum Digging Depth7.22 ft
Maximum Dozer Dig Depth1.0 ft
Maximum Dozer Lift Height8.0 in
Maximum Dump Height8.2 ft
Maximum Reach at Ground Level12.14 ft
Maximum Vertical Dig Depth4.69 ft
Tail Swing Radius3.84 ft
Transport Length (Arm Lowered)12.65 ft
Undercarriage Width (Extended)4.27 ft
Undercarriage Width (Retracted)3.25 ft
Width3.25 ft

Powerful digging combined with smooth control.


An extending undercarriage and fold out dozer blade allow the machine to be configured for optimum performance. Blade extensions are retained with the dozer making them easy to use and ensuring that they are not lost.

Dozer Float

Ground levelling and finishing applications are fast and easy with the dozer float function engaged making site clean-up much more efficient.

Long Dozer Option

The optional longer dozer blade enables improved ‘dig to blade’ characteristics to give easier on site clean up.

100% Pilot Controls

Delivers excellent machine control and lifetime ‘as new’ performance eliminating the need for linkage and cable maintenance, lowering owning and operating costs and resulting in less downtime.

Dig Force

The new 301.7D boasts high bucket and stick forces making it an impressive and productive excavator. The choice of two stick lengths allows the customer to configure his machine to deliver even higher stick forces or reach.

Flexibility built in for a variety of jobs.

High Flexibility

Compact in size and with a transport weight under 2000 kg (4,500 lb), the 301.7D can be transported easily using a conventional trailer and pick up truck or transit van. The sturdy hoisting eyelets on the cab roof enable the easy and rapid relocation of the machine between sites.

Automatic Swing Lock

Safe transportation of the machine is aided by the Cat automatic swing lock which locks the machines upper body in place when the control console is raised or the engine is stopped.

Work Tools

A range of work tools are available including buckets, hammer and auger to take advantage of the machines versatility. All these tools are matched to the machine to optimize performance and deliver excellent value through productivity and long life.

Auxiliary Hydraulics as Standard Fit

Machine is ‘ready to work’. Hammer and two way lines complete with quick disconnect fittings as standard. Connections are located close to the tool to reduce hose lengths and any potential damage. Additional line options are available to further increase machine versatility. Stick and bucket cylinder hoses are protected by routing them through the boom.

Auxiliary Flow Control

Machines configured with proportional auxiliary hydraulics, include the ability to adjust the flow for even greater tool control. Especially useful with tools such as angling ditching buckets.

Large operator environment and ergonomic control layout.

Cab Comfort

The Cat 301.7D gives the operator a large comfortable space in which to work. The ergonomic control layout, travel pedals and adjustable wrist resets are engineered to minimize operator fatigue and increase productivity. The layout is designed for easy cleaning, minimizing downtime between jobs. There is a choice of cab with heater or canopy available. The canopy offering two sided access for even greater on site versatility.

Split Front Window

The lower front window section slides into the upper section frame. Both sections are then raised and stored in the roof using a gas assisted mechanism. This allows the operator to position in front window to suit their visibility and ventilation requirements with easy storage.

Superior power with easy access and minimal maintenance requirements keep you working.

Powerful Engine

The Cat 301.7D is fitted with a 17.9 kW (24.3 hp) gross power engine that is installed at a much lower rated 13.2 kW (17.7 hp). This is designed to reduce engine wear, give cooler running temperatures, with longer life and lower owner and operating costs.

Excellent Service Access

Daily checks and regular service points including fuel and hydraulic oil fill are easily reached via the large steel rear door. The main hydraulic valve and lines are also easily reached through a removable floor plate and side panels. The machine has durable steel body panels all around, offering good resistance to impact damage and helping to maintain the machine’s appearance and value.

Customer Support - Unmatched Support Makes the Difference

Your Cat dealer is ready to assist you with your purchase decision and everything after.

  • Financing packages are flexible to meet your needs
  • Unmatched parts availability keeps you working
  • Make comparisons of machines, with estimates of component life, preventative maintenance and cost of production
  • For more information on Cat products, dealer services and industry solutions, visit

Standard Equipment

230 mm (9 in) rubber track
Automatic swing park brake
Auxiliary quick disconnect couplers
Canopy - ROPS and TOPS protection
Dozer float
Fixed undercarriage
Hammer/two way auxiliary hydraulic lines
Hydraulic oil cooler
Maintenance free battery
Retractable seat belt
Standard length dozer blade
Suspension seat, vinyl covered
Travel pedals
Working light mounted to boom

Optional Equipment

Additional hydraulic circuit diverted from bucket cylinder
Auto engine idle
Boom stick or dozer blade check valve
Cab, radio ready - ROPS and TOPS protection
Cab top guard to ISO 10262 (Level 1)
Cab/canopy lights
Extending undercarriage
Joystick mounted proportional auxiliary control with flow control
Long dozer blade
Long stick
Mirror pack
Removable swing stop
Second auxiliary lines
Suspension seat, fabric covered







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