New | 330D MH Material Handler

More powerful engine, improved cooling system, increased hydraulic pressure, and cab riser options lead to increased productivity and lower operating cost.

Engine ModelCAT® C9 ACERT™
Net Flywheel Power268.0 hp
Net Power - ISO 9249268.0 hp
Net Power - SAE J1349252.0 hp
Net Power - EEC 80/1269268.0 hp
Bore4.41 in
Stroke5.87 in
Displacement537.0 in3
Engine ManufacturerCaterpillar
Operating Weight98386.0 lb
Upper25975.0 lb
Counterweight18327.0 lb
Undercarriage (includes carbody)33625.0 lb
Two-Piece Front (with cylinders)16003.0 lb
Grapple/Adapter4456.0 lb
Operating Specifications
Max. Reach52.5 ft
Cab Riser - Fixed6.4 ft
Cab Riser - Hydraulic8.5 ft
Generator Set26.8 hp
High Range Max. Travel Speed3.11 mph
Max. Drawbar Pull66093.82 lb
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank163.8 gal
Cooling System10.6 gal
Engine Oil10.6 gal
Swing Drive5.0 gal
Final Drive (each)2.1 gal
Hydraulic System (including tank)108.0 gal
Hydraulic Tank46.0 gal
Hydraulic System
Maximum Flow (each of two pumps)74.0 gal/min
Max. Pressure Implements5076.0 psi
Max Pressure - Heavy Lift5221.0 psi
Max. Pressure Travel4900.0 psi
Max. Pressure - Swing4264.0 psi
Pilot System Max. Flow11.0 gal/min
Pilot System Max. Pressure566.0 psi
Rotate Circuit for Grapple Max. Flow13.0 gal/min
Rotate Circuit for Grapple Operating Pressure2000.0 psi
Generator Auxiliary Pump Max Flow42.0 gal/min
Generator Auxiliary Pump Max Pressure2500.0 psi
Maximum Drawbar Pull66094.0 lb
Maximum Travel Speed3.1 mph
Operating Height - to Top of Cab (Fixed)17.44 ft
Operating Height-to Top of Cab (Hydraulic)20.19 ft
Operating Height to Top of Cab (Hydraulic Cab - Lowered)11.67 ft
Shipping Height - Cab Tipped11.81 ft
Operating Width12.04 ft
Shipping Length42.16 ft
Tail Swing Radius11.43 ft
Ground Clearance2.36 ft
Counterweight Clearance4.84 ft
Rear of carrier to end of boom42.16 ft
Swing Mechanism
Swing Torque104070.0 lb ft
Swing Speed10.0 RPM
Track Shoes24.0 in
Gauge142.0 in
Shoes (each side)49
Rollers (each side)9
Overall Track Length197.6 in

Special features provide for aggressive performance, reliability, and excellent productivity.

Fixed Riser

CAT® designed and built, 1.95 m (6'5") manual tilt cab riser provides for operating height with excellent visibility for loading and unloading processing equipment, trucks, and rail cars. Access to the cab is provided by a ladder to the platform extending around the cab riser. This platform allows for windshield cleaning. The cab riser can be manually tilted forward 90 degrees for shipping.

Hydraulic Cab Riser

Optional hydraulic cab riser provides up to 2.6 m (8'6") of additional operating height. There is easy access to the cab platform provided by handrails attached to the riser.

Operator Controls

The ability to modulate grapple open-close function is provided on the right side joystick. The rotate function is also modulated by using a slider switch mounted on the joystick.

Cooling System

External debris filters allow easy access for cleaning. This prevents clogging from dirt and dust entering the cooling system. The optional automatic reversing fan purges dirt and dust from the cooling system.

Generator Set

A 20 kW (26.8 hp) hydraulically driven generator set can power magnets up to 1.68 m (66") in diameter.

Caterpillar 330D Material Handler fronts are purpose designed and built for excellent reach, flexibility, and lift performance to meet all requirements of material handling applications.

CAT® Two-Piece Front Linkage

Offers a maximum horizontal reach of 16 m (52'6") from swing center and maximum vertical reach of 16.9 m (55'5"). This front is an excellent match for the 0.96 m3 (1.25 yd3) grapple or a 1.68 m (66") magnet. An optional 14.6 m (47'1") two-piece front linkage has a maximum vertical height of 15.8 m (51'11"). This front is an excellent match for the 1.15 m3 (1.5 yd3) Orange Peel Grapple or the 1.68 m (66") Walker magnet.

Material Handling Booms and Sticks

Designed and built for performance and long service life.

Welded Box-Section Structures

Efficiently designed with thick, multi-plate fabrications in high stress areas, which allows structures to flex, dissipating stress and maximizing strength.

Stress Relieving Booms and Sticks

Maximizes strength and minimizes structure weight.

Dual Stick Cylinders

Provides excellent geometry for working close in to the machine or at full reach.

Heavy Lift

Provides additional lift capacity for handling of heavy, robust objects.

ACERT™ Technology meets U.S. EPA Tier 3 emission regulations, with exceptional performance capabilities and proven reliability.


Six-cylinder, turbocharged engine built for power, reliability, and economy will allow the machine to consistently perform at high levels. The CAT® C9 engine is designed for low emissions and will meet EPA Tier 3 emissions requirements.

The 330D MH structural components are the backbone of the machine's durability and provide for excellent stability.

High and Square Undercarriage

Provides excellent over-the-side stability required to handle heavy loads and improve productivity. Provides excellent ground clearance required to clear obstacles.

Heavy Duty Upper Frame

The upper frame is specifically designed for the scrap and material handling applications. It is built of higher strength material and thicker steel sections to handle increased swing loads from the longer front and heavier counterweights used in material handling.

A variety of grapples and magnets are available to maximize machine performance in material handling applications.

Walker Magnets

The Walker 1.68 m (66") Lift Master magnet can be used with the 330D MH. These magnets have been designed and engineered for scrap processing applications. Ask your dealer salesperson for information on the Walker Magnet.

Orange Peel Grapples

The 0.96 m3 (1.25 yd3) and the 1.15 m3 (1.5 yd3) Orange Peel Grapples are available attachments.

Work Tool Selection

When choosing a work tool, please consider the work tool application, the variation of the density of material to be handled and productivity requirements. Check with your Cat® dealer for more details on specifications, sizes, and other work tool types.

Simplified service and maintenance features save you time and money. Your CAT® dealer offers a wide range of services that can be set up under a customer support agreement when you purchase your equipment.

Ground Level Service

The design and layout of the 330D MH was made with the service technician in mind. Many service locations are easily accessible at ground level allowing critical maintenance to get done quickly and efficiently.

Pump Compartment

A service door on the right side of the upper structure allows ground-level access to the pump and pilot filter.

Radiator Compartment

The left rear service door allows easy access to the engine radiator, oil cooler, and air-to-air-after-cooler. A reserve tank and drain cock are attached to the radiator for simplified maintenance.

Air Filter Compartment

The air filter features a double-element construction for maximum cleaning efficiency. When the air cleaner plugs, a warning is displayed on the monitor inside the cab.

Capsule Filter

The hydraulic return filter, a capsule filter, is situated outside the hydraulic tank. The filter prevents contaminants from entering the system when hydraulic oil is changed and keeps the operation clean.

Fan Guard

Engine radiator fan is completely enclosed by fine wire mesh, reducing the risk of an accident.

Diagnostic and Monitoring

The 330D MH is equipped with S•O•SSM sampling ports and hydraulic test ports for the hydraulic system, engine oil, and for coolant. A test connection for the CAT® Electronic Technician (CAT® ET) service tool is located in the cab.

Extended Service Interval

The 330D MH service and maintenance intervals have been extended to reduce machine service time and increase machine availability.

CAT® Dealer Maintenance

Choose from your CAT® Dealer's wide range of maintenance services at the time you purchase your machine. Preventive Maintenance will help you to avoid unscheduled repairs and diagnostic programs such as Scheduled Oil Sampling and Technical Analysis are available.

Product Support

You will find nearly all parts at our dealer parts counter. CAT® Dealers utilize a worldwide computer network to find in-stock parts to minimize machine downtime. You can also save money with remanufactured components.

Machine Selection

Make detailed comparisons of the machines you are considering before you buy. What are the job requirements, machine attachments and operating hours? What production is needed? Your CAT® dealer can provide recommendations.

Customer Support Agreements

CAT® Dealers offer a variety of product support agreements, and work with customers to develop a plan that best meets specific needs. These plans can cover the entire machine, including attachments, to help protect the customer’s investment.

  • 9.2 m (30'2'') MH Boom Includes high pressure twig welded steel tubes
  • 80 ampere alternator
  • Working lights, cab mounted (two)
  • Horn
  • Light, storage box mounted
  • Bolt on FOGS capability
  • Polycarbonate windows except laminated glass in retractable front windshield/tempered glass in removable lower windshield and sliding upper door window
  • Rear window exit
  • KAB 84/E4P suspension seat with adjustable armrest and 76 mm (3'') retractable seat belt (cloth)
  • Monitor
  • Pop-Up skylight, with sunscreen
  • Windshield wiper/washers (upper/lower)
  • Positive filtered ventilation
  • Bi-level air conditioner with auto climate control heater and defroster
  • Instrument panel and gauges
  • Interior lighting
  • Coat hook
  • Ashtray with lighter
  • Literature compartment
  • Storage compartment suitable for a lunch box
  • Neutral lever for all controls
  • Pre-start monitoring system (alert if there is a shortage of hydraulic oil, engine oil, or engine coolant)
  • Modulated grapple open-close controls using RH joystick
  • Toggle switch in RH console to switch between magnet and grapple operation
  • Travel control pedals with removable hand levers
  • Platform next to cab for improved access
  • Washable floor mat
  • Sunscreen on windshield
  • Beverage holder
  • AM/FM Radio with two stereo speakers
  • Cat C-9 Diesel engine with 24V electric starting
  • Emissions package to meet EPA Tier 3 requirements
  • Radial seal air filter
  • Automatic engine speed control with manual return to idle (not functional when hydraulic generator is in operation)
  • Water separator in fuel line
  • Power mode selector (2 modes)
  • Two speed auto-shift travel
  • Side by side cooling package
  • Removable external debris filter covering air inlets (Hi-Ambient)
  • Straight line travel
  • Muffler
  • Air precleaner
  • Block Heater
  • Electric priming pump
  • High square carbody
  • Hydraulic track adjusters
  • Track type undercarriage with grease lubricated seals
  • Idler and rear section track guiding guards
  • 600 mm (24") triple grouser shoes (49 sections)
  • Heavy duty track rollers
  • Heavy duty upper frame with bottom guards
  • Door locks, caps locks, and Caterpillar one key security system
  • Mirrors (frame-right, cab-left)
  • 8330 kg (18,375 lb) Material Handling Counterweight
  • Automatic swing parking brake
  • Fine swing control
  • Travel alarm
  • Ether and cold weather starting aids
  • Secondary engine shut off switch
  • Extra batteries/Heavy duty starter
  • Cold Start receptacle
  • Crosshead adapter
  • Product Link ready
  • Fully pressurized hydraulic system
  • Auxiliary pump and lines to drive generator
  • Medium pressure auxiliary hydraulic circuit for powering rotating grapples (includes pump, valve with flow control and lines)
  • High pressure grapple open/close hydraulic circuit, flow control on grapple open and shutoff valves at end of stick
  • Regeneration circuit for boom and stick
  • Boom and stick lowering check valve
  • Heavy Lift Mode





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