New | 963K Track Loader

A Cat Track Loader is one of the most versatile machines on the job site. Save money and transport time with one rugged machine capable of a multitude of tasks like land clearing, digging, backfilling, grading, truck loading, carrying, spreading materials, slope work, and more. Steel tracks on a crawler loader offer reduced ground pressure and better traction so you can often start the job earlier and work longer than other machines in soft underfoot conditions. The new 963K brings you all of this value, plus improved performance, 10-30 percent better fuel efficiency and additional comfort and safety features for the operator. The 963K meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final emission standards.

Flywheel Power193 hp
Engine ModelCat® C7.1 ACERT™
Engine Power (Maximum) – ISO 14396221 hp
Engine Power (Maximum) – ISO 14396 (DIN)224 hp
Net Power (Rated) – ISO 9249/SAE J1349193 hp
Net Power (Rated) – ISO 9249/SAE J1349 (DIN)196 hp
Bore4.13 in
Stroke5.31 in
Displacement427.8 in3
EmissionsTier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final
NoteDiesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) used in Cat Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems must meet the requirements outlined in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 22241.
Operating Weight44771 lb
Operating Weight – Wide Gauge48880 lb
NoteOperating Weight Wide Gauge: Includes coolant, lubricants, 100% fuel tank, Wide Flush bucket, heavy counterweight light + additional, 75 kg (165 lb) operator.
Capacity – General Purpose3.2 yd3
Capacity – Performance Series3.7 yd3
Capacity – Multi-Purpose2.6 yd3
Bucket Width – General Purpose102.8 in
Bucket Width – High Retention106.8 in
Bucket Width – Multi-Purpose101.3 in
Capacity – High Retention3.7 yd3
Capacity – Wide Flush3.8 yd3
Bucket Width – Wide Flush118.1 in
Track Shoe TypeDouble Grouser
Track Shoe Width – Standard21.6 in
Track Shoe Width – Optional17.7 in
Track Rollers – Each Side7
Number of Shoes – Each Side38
Track on Ground100 in
Ground Contact Area – Standard Shoe*4900 in2
Ground Contact Area – Optional Shoe*4013 in2
Ground Pressure – Standard Shoe*9.1 psi
Ground Pressure – Optional Shoe*11.1 psi
Grouser Height – Double Grouser1.65 in
Track Gauge72.8 in
Track Shoe Width – Wide Gauge31.5 in
Ground Contact Area – Wide Gauge*7136 in2
Ground Pressure – Wide Gauge*7.0 psi
Track Gauge – Wide Gauge82.7 in
Link Pitch8.0 in
NoteGround pressure is calculated using operating weight of machine with General Purpose bucket.
Drive System
Track MotorTwo, variable displacement, bent axis motors
Drive SystemHydrostatic drive with infinite machine speeds to 10.0 km/h (6.2 mph)
Drive PumpTwo, variable displacement, slipper-type axial piston pumps
Relief Valve Setting6890 psi
Hydraulic System – Equipment
TypeClosed center, load sensing piston
Output60.8 gal/min
Main Relief Valve Setting3989 psi
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank84.5 gal
Cooling System8.45 gal
Crankcase (with filter)4.4 gal
Final Drives (each)4 gal
Hydraulic Tank23.7 gal
Pivot Shaft0.5 gal
DEF Tank4.22 gal
Ripper Specifications
Number of Pockets3
Overall Width/Beam76.7 in
Shank Cross Section58.5 mm × 138 mm (50 in × 5.4 in)
Ground Clearance23.4 in
Penetration11.6 in
Ripping Width72.3 in
Cylinders – Bore4.5 in
Cylinders – Stroke11.3 in
Added Machine Length with Ripper in Transport Position24.0 in
ROPSROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) offered by Caterpillar for the machine meets ROPS criteria ISO 3471:2008.
FOPSFOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) meets ISO 3449-2005 Level II.
BrakesBrakes meet the standard ISO 10265:2008.
Cab – Declared Dynamic Operator Sound Pressure LevelThe declared dynamic operator sound pressure level is 73 dB(A) when “ISO 6396:2008” is used to measure the value for an enclosed cab. The measurement was conducted at the maximum engine cooling fan speed. The sound level may vary at different engine cooling fan speeds. The cab was properly installed and maintained. The measurement was conducted with the cab doors and the cab windows closed.
Cab – Hearing ProtectionHearing protection is recommended when operating with an open operator station and cab (when not properly maintained or doors/windows open) for extended periods or in noisy environment.
Cab – Declared Exterior Sound Power LevelThe declared exterior sound power level is 108 dB(A) when the value is measured according to the dynamic test procedures and the conditions that are specified in “ISO 6395:2008”. The measurement was conducted at the maximum engine cooling fan speed. The sound level may vary at different engine cooling fan speeds.
Cab – Labeled Sound Power LevelThe labeled sound power level is 111 dB(A) measured according to the test procedure and conditions specified in 2000/14/EC.
Bucket Cycle Times
Lift5.5 seconds
Power Down3.7 seconds
Float Down2.0 seconds
Dump at Maximum Height (from full rackback)1.3 seconds
Rackback at Maximum Height (from full dump)1.4 seconds
Dimensions (Approximate)
Overall Machine Width without Bucket: With Standard Tracks – 550 mm (21.6 in) Shoes94.5 in
Overall Machine Width without Bucket: With Narrow Tracks – 450 mm (17.7 in) Shoes90.5 in
Ground Clearance18.5 in
Machine Height to Top of Cab130.9 in
Length to Front of Track194.6 in
Overall Machine Length*275.6 in
Carry Position Approach Angle15°
Digging Depth*5.4 in
Maximum Rollback at Ground43°
Maximum Rollback at Carry Position50°
Bucket Height in Carry Position18 in
Reach at Full Lift Height and 45° Dump*54 in
Clearance at Full Lift Height and 45° Dump*114.8 in
Maximum Rollback, Fully Raised52°
Maximum Dump, Fully Raised53°
Grading Angle63°
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin155.1 in
Overall Machine Height, Bucket Fully Raised212.7 in
Height to Top of Seat with Headrest110.6 in
Height to Top of Stack115.7 in
Ramp Angle29°
NoteDimensions vary with bucket. Refer to Operating Specifications chart.
Overall Machine Width without Bucket: With Wide Gauge Tracks – 800 mm (31.5 in) Shoes114.2 in
Air Conditioning System
Air ConditioningThe air conditioning system on this machine contains the fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a (Global Warming Potential = 1430). The system contains 1.1 kg of refrigerant which has a CO2 equivalent of 1.573 metric tonnes.

Built to get the job done


A Cat C7.1 ACERT engine gives you the power and reliability you need to get the job done. The engine is equipped with a twin turbo, providing faster machine response under load.

Fuel Efficiency/Eco Mode

The more efficient engine and an Eco Mode combine to deliver a 10-30 percent reduction in fuel consumption compared to the 963D. Eco Mode automatically reduces engine speed, but maintains selected ground speed under lighter loads. Efficient use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) – typically 2.5-3 percent of fuel consumption – provides excellent overall fluid efficiency.

Hydrostatic Drive

A new Electronic Control Module gives you smarter power train management, resulting in smoother implement/steering response and improved steering performance over the previous model. Power reaches the ground more efficiently based on the demands of the application, giving you fast acceleration and shorter cycle times. The electronically controlled Hystat drive uses variable displacement pumps and drive motors to power each track independently, delivering fast acceleration and infinitely variable speed. The operator can command smooth machine turns and counterrotation.

Cooling System

The single unit cooling system incorporates the radiator, air-to-air aftercooler, oil cooler and fan installation. The cooling module is located at the rear of the loader, away from dust and debris stirred up by the bucket while the machine is working. The radiator has 6.5 fins per inch to help reduce plugging. A simple, side-by-side design reduces debris and makes cleaning easier. The fold-down design gives you easy access.

A hydraulic demand fan reduces speed in cooler conditions to conserve power, save fuel and decrease sound levels. An optional reversing fan is available for high debris conditions.

Load-Sensing Hydraulics

Field-proven system senses the load and continuously adjusts hydraulic power to maximize your efficiency. Operators have precise control and the power needed for simultaneous lift, tilt and travel.

Position Sensing Cylinders

Position Sensing Cylinders allow the operator to set lift and tilt kickouts to match the application without leaving the cab. Linkage can be automatically set to specific positions for increased productivity. Advanced automatic features help make start/stop motions smoother, reducing vibration in the cab.

Automatic Kickouts

Standard programmable automatic kickouts provide flexibility and productivity for precise load and dump target heights. Tilt and lift kickouts are easily set by positioning the bucket or attachment and pressing a button on the right-hand control panel in the cab.

Comfort and productivity

Updated cab gives operators added comforts like adjustable armrests and controls, improved air conditioning system and a heated/ventilated seat option. A new LCD operator interface makes it simple to customize machine performance features and to view machine operating and service information.

Excellent visibility to the bucket and all around the machine helps operators work more confidently, and an optional rearview camera enhances safety. Reduced engine noise* makes the environment quieter for the operator and others around the worksite.

Cab-mounted heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) system gives you more cooling capability, and removes the condenser from under the hood for reduced heat and easier service.

*Compared to the 963D.

Implement and Steering Controls

  • Electro-Hydraulic Implement Controls provide the operator with responsive, smooth and precise control of bucket and lift arms.
  • Choose from either joystick or two-lever implement controls to match operator preference or application.
  • Speed/steering controls are available as either a joystick or as V-lever and foot pedals.
  • A variable throttle control dial lets you use preset engine speeds, customized for operator preference.
  • Selectable Electro-Hydraulic maps allow you to set implement response – fine, normal, coarse – to match operator preference or application.
  • Hydrostatic Drive system provides quick machine travel speed, on-the-go directional changes and counterrotation.

Proven, integrated solutions

Emissions reduction technology on the 963K is designed to be transparent, with no action required from the operator. Regeneration runs automatically in the background while you work.

Aftertreatment Technologies

With millions of working hours on hundreds of thousands of units since the Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB product introductions, you can be confident in the quality and value of your Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final investment. To meet the reduction in NOx emissions required by the latest emission standards, Caterpillar engineers added Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to the already proven aftertreatment solution.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Selective Catalytic Reduction utilizes Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), which can be conveniently refilled from ground level when you refuel. The system is designed to use one tank of DEF for each tank of fuel (1:1 DEF fill ratio). A gauge on the dash shows your fluid level. Across a variety of applications, the 963K typically has used DEF at a rate of 2.5-3 percent of fuel consumption.

When the machine is turned off, a pump will automatically purge the DEF lines. A symbol on the dash and a light/symbol in the engine compartment indicate when the purge is complete and that it is safe to turn off the electrical disconnect. If the engine/aftertreatment temperatures are high, a Delayed Engine Shutdown will activate automatically to cool the machine and then purge the lines. For complete aftertreatment information, please refer to your machine’s Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Optimize your machine


A choice of buckets help you optimize your machine for the work you do. The General Purpose bucket is designed for excellent loadability and long life in applications like hard bank excavating, stripping and stockpile loading. The Multipurpose bucket is designed for versatility, and is ideal for a variety of tasks like loading, stripping, clearing, bulldozing, picking up debris and fine grading. The bucket clamps hydraulically to grip or handle other tough-to-grasp materials.

A new optional Performance Series bucket contributes to your productivity by moving 5-10 percent more material per hour. And for special applications, Caterpillar also offers buckets optimized for applications like waste/landfill and ship hold work.

K Series™ Bucket Tooth Tips

The K Series tooth system stays sharp, holds tight and allows for simple changes. The lower-profile shape maintains optimal sharpness, penetration and digging ability throughout the tip life.

Quick Coupler Ready

Fusion™ Quick Coupler option gives you more versatility by allowing easy use of forks, buckets, etc. from wheel loaders and other Fusion compatible machines.


The multi shank ripper adds extra versatility and force to expand the machine’s range of applications. The ripper beam has three pockets for holding ripper shanks, and its design allows the machine to rip frozen ground, asphalt and even hard soils or rock. Long shanks deliver more work per pass making the machine more productive.

Tough and durable

Caterpillar designs track loader structures to handle the impact and twisting forces encountered in the most demanding applications. Slab rails are reinforced with forgings and castings at points of high stress to give you durability and long life. The integrated main frame and loader tower provide a solid mount for durable lift arms, lift cylinders and tilt cylinders. Robust structures throughout the machine are not only designed for term value, but also to support multiple rebuilds.

Engineered for performance

An oscillating undercarriage decreases ground shock to the machine, giving you increased stability and a smoother ride. Choose Sealed and Lubricated Track undercarriage for aggressive applications like land clearing, side-slopes or rocky terrain. Or, choose SystemOne™ undercarriage that is designed to work and wear as a system for longer life and lower costs in many applications. A choice of track shoe designs and widths help you further optimize your machine for performance and longer life.

Purpose-built for performance

963K Waste Handler

Designed and built from the frame up to take on the unique challenges of landfill and transfer station work.

  • Specialized guarding, striker bars and seals help protect the machine from impact and airborne debris.
  • Final Drive guarding helps prevent wrapping and damage.
  • Cooling system is designed for high debris environments, with easy access for cleanout.
  • Specialized air handling features help deliver cleaner air to the machine and to the cab.
  • Landfill buckets and track options help you optimize your waste handler for the job.

963K SH Ship Hold/Port Handling

Maneuverability, ease of operation and reach make a track loader the ideal machine for quickly removing materials from ship holds.

  • Sweep down walls and handle a wide variety of materials.
  • Specialized sealing, guards and bumpers help protect key components.
  • Added lighting packages help illuminate the work area.
  • Specialized implements, like coal buckets and trim blades, help you equip the machine for optimal performance.
  • Fusion Quick Coupler option gives you more versatility by allowing easy use of forks, buckets, etc. from wheel loaders and other Fusion compatible machines.
  • Lift eyes on the frame and undercarriage are widely spaced for stability during lifting.

Custom Products/Value Packages

Caterpillar offers a variety of custom product options for track loaders, such as wide gauge machines and special guarding packages. Please talk to your Cat dealer about your specific job site needs.

Built for the next generation

  • Meets Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final emission standards.
  • A more fuel efficient engine and Eco Mode combine to give you 10-30 percent better fuel efficiency.*
  • Efficient use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) gives you excellent overall fluid efficiency.
  • Features like the optional Performance Series Bucket and the demand fan help you get more work done with less fuel.
  • Quieter engine reduces noise for the operator and others around the job site.
  • Major components are built to be rebuilt, eliminating waste and saving you money by giving your loader a second – and even third – life.

*Compared to the 963D.

Designed with protection in mind

  • New handles and steps help operators climb on and off the machine more easily, from the front or the back of the tracks.
  • Excellent visibility to the bucket and all around the machine helps operators work more confidently.
  • Rear vision camera is available to enhance visibility behind the machine.
  • New seat belt indicator gives an alarm and registers fault code through Product Link if the operator fails to buckle up, enhancing job site safety.
  • Improved ergonomics, a quieter engine and reduced effort controls help lessen fatigue so operators are better able to remain fresh and focused.

When uptime counts

Ease of Service

The 963K is designed to help you take care of routine maintenance and get back to work. Grouped service points are located behind large access doors, and daily grease points are in easy reach at ground level. The tilt cab allows easy access to drive train and hydraulic systems. The cooling system can be accessed from the engine compartment and features a fold-down fan for easy clean-out. A handy bracket at the rear of the machine holds a shovel to help you clean the undercarriage.

The Diesel Particulate Filter in the Clean Emissions Module is designed to work for the life of the engine without needing to clean or replace the filter.

The service mode in the operator display shows you hydrostatic and implement pressure for easier troubleshooting and servicing.

Product Link*/VisionLink

Product Link is deeply integrated into your machine. Easy access to timely information like machine location, hours and event codes via the online VisionLink user interface can help you manage your fleet and reduce operating costs.

*Product Link not available in all areas. Please consult your Cat dealer for details.

Cat EMSolutions (Equipment Management Solutions)

EMSolutions lets you take control of your fleet with a solution specific to your equipment management needs. Comprehensive, technology-enabled equipment management – combined with the knowledge and expertise of your Cat dealer – can provide ways to help you achieve gains that go straight to your bottom line.

  • Improve availability
  • Reduce owning and operating costs
  • Streamline maintenance practices
  • Maximize equipment life
  • Increase resale value
Consisting of five levels of support, from remote access to equipment data to complete, proactive management of your fleet, EMSolutions allows you to choose the amount of support that’s right for you.

Renowned Cat Dealer Support

Knowledgeable Cat dealers have a global reputation for providing outstanding sales and service. Maximize your equipment investment with a Customer Support Agreement tailored to meet your business needs. Take advantage of preventive maintenance programs like Custom Track Service, Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·SSM) analysis, and guaranteed maintenance contracts. Cat dealers can even help you with operator training to help boost your profits.

When you need repairs, Cat dealers and our unmatched Caterpillar distribution network excel at getting you the right parts you need quickly.

Your Cat dealer can also help you maximize your equipment investment with services like Cat Reman parts and Cat Certified Rebuilds. Remanufactured parts offer you the same warranty and reliability as new parts at a fraction of the cost. A Certified Rebuild gives a “second life” for your machine, incorporating the latest engineering updates so you end up with a like-new track loader and a new machine warranty. Caterpillar strives to provide customers the lowest owning and operating costs over the life of their machine.

Standard Equipment

  • Cat C7.1 ACERT diesel engine
  • Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final certified engine
  • Twin turbocharged with ATAAC
  • Modular cooling system for engine air intake, oil and water
  • Fan radiator, electronically controlled, hydraulically driven, temperature sensing, on demand
  • Electro Hydrostatic Control (EHC) for transmission with travel and work modes
  • Electric fuel pump
  • Water separator
  • Air cleaner dry-type, axial seal with integral precleaner and dust ejection system, electronic filter condition indicator
  • Engine mounted aftertreatment
  • Muffler, under hood
  • Starting aid, glow plug
  • Cat extended life coolant
  • Cat Enhanced Sealed and Lubricated Track (ESALT) tracks
  • Track guiding guards, end section
  • Track adjuster, hydraulic
  • Sprocket rims, with replaceable bolt-on Tough Steel segments
  • Guards, sprocket
  • Seven track rollers per side, with two upper carrier rollers, lifetime lubricated
  • Idlers, conventional type, lifetime lubricated
  • Oscillating track roller frames
  • Alternator, 24V, heavy duty brushless
  • Alarm, backup
  • Horn, electric
  • Two heavy duty batteries, high output, maintenance free, 1,120 CCA
  • Switch, main disconnect
  • Starter, electric (heavy duty, 24V)
  • Four halogen lights, two facing forward, roof mounted; two facing rearward integrated into A/C unit
  • Pressurized, sound suppressed, ROPS/FOPS
  • Cab with tinted glass and right side sliding window
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Heater/defroster with automatic temperature control
  • Seat, fabric-covered, air suspended adjustable
  • Electro hydraulic, seat mounted control levers with faster processing
  • Seat belt, retractable, with indicator on dash
  • Electronic Monitoring System with gauges for: – Engine coolant temperature – Hydraulic oil temperature – DEF level – Fuel level
  • Mirror, rearview, inside, adjustable
  • Radio ready – includes 24V to 12V converter, speakers, antenna and two 12V power outlets
  • Coat hook
  • Storage compartments under left armrest
  • Document holder on right console
  • Floor mat, rubber, heavy duty
  • Windshield washers and wipers, multiple speed front and rear
  • Durable metal roof
  • Parking brake switch and “brake-on” indicator light
  • Fender
  • Sound suppression, exterior
  • Z-bar loader linkage
  • Load sensing variable displacement implement pump
  • Implement cylinders sensors
  • Operator programmable lift and tilt
  • Engine enclosure with lockable doors
  • Radiator core 6.5 fpi, debris resistant
  • Hinged radiator guard and swing out fan
  • Guards, full bottom
  • Ecology drains on hydraulic oil tank
  • Product Link ready
  • Oil sampling valves
  • Hoses, Cat XT™
  • HYDO™ Advanced 10

Optional Equipment

  • Radiator fan, demand, reversing
  • Air inlet, precleaner turbine
  • Cab, deluxe
  • Seat, cloth, air suspension, no side-to-side isolator
  • Seat, cloth, air suspension, heated, side-to-side isolator
  • Lights and windshield: – Lights, additional guarded – Windshield protection
  • Radio, AM/FM/AUX/USB/Bluetooth
  • Easy access package
  • Service package, extended
  • Transmission control, V-lever
  • Transmission control, joystick
  • Guard, idler
  • Guard, idler, ship hold
  • Track Groups (38 sections): – Track Groups (SystemOne)
    • Track, 550 mm (22 in), double grouser, standard
    • Track,450 mm (18 in), double grouser, narrow
    – Track Groups (ESALT)
    • Track, 450 mm (18 in), double grouser, narrow, ESALT
    • Track, 550 mm (22 in), double grouser, ESALT
    • Track, 550 mm (22 in), double grouser, center hole, ESALT
    • Track, 450 mm (18 in), double grouser, center hole, ESALT
    • Track, 450 mm (18 in), single grouser, center hole, extreme service, ESALT
    • Track, 550 mm (22 in), single grouser, center hole, extreme service, ESALT
    • Track, 550 mm (22 in), single grouser, extreme service, ESALT
    – Track Groups (Heavy Duty)
    • Track, 800 mm (31 in), double grouser, heavy duty
  • Hydraulic oil, biodegradable
  • Hydraulics Packages
    • Hydraulic two valve, two levers
    • Hydraulic three valve, rear, two levers
    • Hydraulic two valve, joystick
    • Hydraulic three valve rear, joystick
    • Hydraulic three valve front, joystick
    • Hydraulic four valve front and rear, joystick
  • Guard, lift cylinders
  • Guard, tilt cylinder
  • Guard, final drive abrasion 2-piece
  • Guard, final drive abrasion 3-piece
  • Guard, full length track roller
  • Tank, fuel, fast fill
  • Tank, fuel, refueling pump
  • Lines, implement, standard
  • Lines, implement, Quick Coupler
  • Quick Coupler Ready
  • Sediment pump, fuel tank
  • Oil change system, high speed
  • Bucket Packages: – General Purpose, 2.5 m3 (3.25 yd3), package – General Purpose, 2.5 m3 (3.25 yd3), full edge – General Purpose, 2.3 m3 (3.0 yd3), flush pack – General Purpose, 2.8 m3 (3.66 yd3), Performance Series – General Purpose, 2.5 m3 (3.25 yd3), heavy duty – Landfill, 3.1 m3 (4.1 yd3), heavy duty – Multi-Purpose, 2.7 m3 (3.5 yd3), landfill, heavy duty – Multi-Purpose, 2.0 m3 (2.6 yd3), package – Multi-Purpose, 2.0 m3 (2.6 yd3), heavy duty package – Wide Flush, 2.8 m3 (3.8 yd3), package
  • Ripper, multi-shank
  • Hitch, ripper
  • Striker bars, rear
  • Counterweight, light, 325 kg (716 lb)
  • Counterweight, additional, 305 kg (672 lb)
  • Grade Control, receiver mast
  • Cold weather, 120V
  • Antifreeze –50° C (–58° F)
  • Beacon, rotating
  • Construction Package – SystemOne
  • Construction Package – Enhanced Sealed and Lubricated Track
  • Waste Package – Enhanced Sealed and Lubricated Track
  • Waste Package – Extreme Service, Enhanced Sealed and Lubricated Track
  • Ship Hold Package – Enhanced Sealed and Lubricated Track
  • LGP Package – Heavy Duty
  • Product Link – Satellite
  • Product Link – Dual













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