New | 953D Waste Handler

Our customers think the track loader is the 2nd most important machine behind the compactor in a landfill. Discover the assets of this Cat® Waste Handler ...

Engine ModelCat® C6.6 ACERT™
Flywheel Power148.0 hp
Operating Weight34381.0 lb
Capacity - General Purpose Landfill3.0 yd3
Capacity - Multi-Purpose Landfill2.74 yd3
Width - General Purpose Landfill96.8 in
Width - Multi-Purpose Landfill99.8 in
Track Shoe Width - Standard18.9 in
Track Shoe Width - Optional15.0 in
Track Gauge71.0 in
Track on Ground91.3 in
Ground Contact Area - Standard Shoe2790.0 in2
Ground Contact Area - Optional Shoe3410.0 in2
Ground Pressure - Standard Shoe9.5 psi
Ground Pressure - Optional Shoe12.3 psi
Track Shoe TypeDouble Grouser
Operating Specifications
Track on Ground91.3 in
Ground Pressure9.5 psi
Max Travel Speed6.2 mph
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank83.5 gal
Cooling System8.0 gal
Crankcase (with Filter)4.4 gal
Final Drives (each)2.8 gal
Hydraulic Tank18.5 gal
Ripper Specifications
Number of Pockets3
Overall Width/Beam76.9 in
Penetration9.45 in
Ripping Width70.9 in
Hydraulic System - Implement
Cycle Time - Dump1.5 Seconds
Cycle Time - Raise5.9 Seconds
Float Down3.2 Seconds
Output - Maximum30.8 gal/min
Relief Valve Setting4061.0 psi
Total Cycle Time10.6 Seconds
TypeClose center load sensing/piston

Tailored for waste applications.

Final Drive Seal Guards

Protects the Duo Cone seal against wrapping of wires or plastics.

Hydraulic Reversible Fan

Purges the debris from the air inlets by reversing the airflow. Limits radiator plugging and increases maintenance interval.

Turbine Precleaner

Increase engine air filter life by pre-cleaning the air.

Guard, Idler and Lift Lines

Protects and limits the entry of debris into the tensioning system and lift lines. It includes scrapers mounted around idler.

Rubber Mounted Windshield

Makes the windshield replacement easy and fast.

Eight Lights

Increase work time with four lights at the front and four at the back.

Hinged Grill and Radiator Fan

Provides excellent access to radiator and fan for cleaning.

Extensive Sealing

Improved sealing between engine enclosure, cab and frame limits radiator plugging.

Tailored for waste applications.

Center Holes Shoes

The center holes in the track allow sprocket to punch out dirt and debris, that prevents an increase of track wear caused by an abnormal track tension. This is the best choice in landfill.

Striker Bars

Very useful in landfills, the striker bars removes waste from the tracks to prevent damaging the fenders and the cab. Equipped with a step, it facilitate the access to the cab from the rear.

General Purpose Bucket - Landfill

This trash rack increases the standard bucket capacity to move low density materials.

Multi-Purpose Bucket - Landfill

This buckets provides the ability to load, push, grab. Trash rack increases the standard MP bucket capacity to move low density materials.

Guard, Cab Lights and Windshield Screen

Provides additional protection to the windshield and the lights against debris.

Guard Track Roller

Provides additional protection for rollers and reduce debris entry inside the links.

Tilt Cab System

The D-Series enables the cab to tilt up to 90°. The optional hydraulic jack provides a 30° tilting capability recommended for an easy servicing in the field.

Fast Fill System

Special port and vent designed to minimize the fuel tank refill time and increase productivity.

For standard equipment, please refer to the 953D Track Loader information.









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