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Generator Set Specifications
Minimum Rating120 ekW
Maximum Rating175 ekW
Voltage208 to 480 Volts
Frequency60 Hz
Speed1800 RPM
Generator Set Configurations
Emissions/Fuel StrategyNon Regulated
Engine Specifications
Engine ModelC7.1 I-6, 4-Cycle Diesel
Compression Ratio16.5:1
AspirationTurbocharged, Air to Air Aftercooled
Governor TypeADEM™A4
Fuel SystemCommon Rail
Bore4.13 in
Displacement427.8 in³
Stroke5.31 in

Standard Equipment

Packaged Generator Set
  • Dry replaceable paper element type with restriction indicator
  • Radiator and cooling fan complete with protective guards
  • Standard ambient temperatures up to 50°C (122°F)
  • Flexible fuel lines to base NPT connections
  • Class H insulation
  • Drip proof generator air intake (NEMA 2, IP23)
  • Class H temperature rise
  • Electrical design in accordance with with BS5000 Part 99, EN61000-6, IEC60034-1, NEMA MG-1.33
  • IP23 protection
  • Circuit breakers - 100% rated assembly, UL Listed
  • Power Center houses EMCP controller and power/control terminations
  • Segregated low voltage wiring termination panel
  • EMCP 4.2 Digital Control Panel
  • Vibration isolated NEMA 1 steel enclosure with lockable hinged door
  • DC and AC Wiring harnesses
  • Heavy-duty fabricated steel base with lifting points
  • Anti-vibration pads to ensure vibration isolation
  • Stub-up pipe ready for connection to silencer pipework
  • 12 volt starting motor
  • 24 volt, 45 amp charging alternator
  • Batteries with rack and cables
  • High gloss polyurethane paint, Caterpillar Yellow except rails and radiators gloss black
  • All electroplated hardware
  • Anticorrosive paint protection

Optional Equipment

Packaged Generator Set Options
  • Radiator stone guard
  • Radiator transition flange
  • Industrial, Residential, Critical Mufflers
  • Overhead silencer mounting kit
  • Sub-base dual wall UL listed 354 gallon fuel tank
  • Sub-base dual wall UL listed 690 gallon fuel tank
  • Emergency vent 12ft extension
  • 5 gallon spill containment
  • Generator upgrade 1 size
  • Permanent magnet excitation (PMG)
  • Internal excited (IE)
  • Anti-condensation space heaters
  • Auxiliary contacts
  • Shunt trips
  • Overload shutdown via breaker
  • NFPA110 upgrade
  • Lube oil heater
  • IBC Seismic certification per Applicable Building Codes: IBC2000, IBC2003, IBC2006, IBC 2009, IBC 2012, CBC 2007, CBC 2010
  • Battery charger - UL 10 amp
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Coolant heater
  • CSA
  • Sound attenuated protective enclosure
  • High Ambient enclosure with integral lifting frame
  • Caterpillar tool set
  • Caterpillar White paint




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