New | Cat® G3512, G3512B Industrial Gas Engine

Cat® G3512 and G3512B Industrial Gas Engines. Ratings: 589-642 bkW (790-860 bhp) @ 1200 rpm and 749-772 bkW (1004-1035 bhp) @ 1400 rpm are NSPS site compliant capable with customer-supplied aftertreatment. For specific emission information, please consult your local Cat Dealer.

Power Rating
Minimum Power790 BHP
Maximum Power1035 BHP
Frequency1200-1400 rpm
Bore170 mm (6.7 in)
Stroke190 mm (7.5 in)
Displacement51.8 L (3158 in³)
AspirationTurbocharged Aftercooled (TA)
Engine ConfigurationEngine - Continuous
Engine Dimensions - Approximate
Height2136 mm (84.1 in)
Length3023 mm (119 in)
Weight - Net Dry4950 kg (10913 lb)
Width2220 mm (87.4 in)

Ratings Are Nsps Site Compliant Capable With Customer-supplied Aftertreatment. For Specific Emission Information, Please Consult Your Local Cat Dealer.

  • built On G3500 Le Proven Reliability And Durability
  • ability To Burn A Wide Spectrum Of Gaseous Fuels
  • robust Diesel Strength Design Prolongs Life And Lowersowning And Operating Costs
  • broad Operating Speed Range At Lower Site Air Densities(high Altitude/hot Ambient Temperatures)
  • higher Power Density Improves Fleet Management
  • quality Engine Diagnostics
  • detonation-sensitive Timing Control For Individualcylinders

Ulb Technology Uses An Advanced Control System, Abetter Turbo Match, Improved Air And Fuel Mixing, And Amore Sophisticated Combustion Recipe To Provide:- Lower Environmental Impact- Higher Return On Investment- Lower Operating Costs- Higher Work Force Efficiency

Adem A3 Engine Management System Integrates Speedcontrol, Air/fuel Ratio Control, And Ignition/detonationcontrols Into A Complete Engine Management System.adem A3 Has Improved: User Interface, Display System,shutdown Controls, And System Diagnostics.

Large Variety Of Factory-installed Engine Attachmentsreduces Packaging Time.

Every Cat Engine Is Manufactured To Stringent Quality Standards In Order To Assure Customer Satisfaction.

  • scheduled Maintenance, Including S•o•ssm Sample
  • customer Support Agreements (csa)
  • caterpillar Extended Service Coverage (esc)
  • superior Dealer Service Network
  • extended Dealer Service Network Through The Catindustrial Service Distributor (isd) Program

Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System
  • Axial flow air cleaner
  • Cleanable
  • Single element canister type with service indicator
Control System
  • ADEM A3 with integrated electronic throttle control
  • CSA certified
Cooling System
  • Two-stage charge air cooling
  • Thermostats and housing
  • Gear-driven jacket and aftercooler water pump
  • Stainless steel aftercooler cores
Exhaust System
  • Dry exhaust manifolds
  • Exhaust outlet: 200 mm I.D.
Flywheels and Flywheel Housings
  • SAE No. 00 flywheel
  • SAE No. 00 flywheel housing
  • SAE standard rotation
Fuel System
  • 7-50 psi gas supply
  • Electronic fuel metering valve
  • Gas pressure regulator, pivot valve operated
Ignition System
  • ADEM A3
  • Outdoor CSA certified
Lubrication System
  • Crankcase breather — top mounted
  • Oil cooler
  • Oil filter — RH
  • Oil pan
  • Oil sampling valve
  • Turbo oil accumulator
Power Take-Offs
  • Front housing — two-sided
  • Front lower — LH accessory drive
Torsional Vibration Analysis
  • Provided through Caterpillar
  • Paint — Cat yellow
  • Crankshaft vibration damper and guard

Optional Equipment

Air Inlet System
  • Round air inlet adaptors
Charging System
  • Battery chargers
  • CSA certified version available with
Cooling System
  • Mechanical joint assembly connections
Exhaust System
  • Flexible fittings
  • Elbows
  • Flanges
Fuel System
  • Gas filter
  • Advisor display panel
  • Communications module
Lubrication System
  • Lubricating oil
  • Oil bypass filter
  • Air prelube pump
Power Take-Offs
  • Front stub shaft
  • Pulleys
  • Special paint
EU Certification
  • EEC DOI certification
  • Factory commissioning



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