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Industrial Diesel Engines - Lesser Regulated & Non-Regulated

From the blistering heat of the Sahara to the extreme cold of the Arctic, Cat engines are on the job around the world in every conceivable application. Available in every power range, the complete line of Cat engines ensures that you get fuel-efficient and reliable power for every product from one industry-leading supplier.

ModelMinimum PowerMaximum PowerRated Speed
C0.5 LRC11.0 bhp13.7 bhp2800-3600 rpmVIEW
C0.7 LRC16.4 bhp20.5 bhp2800-3600 rpmVIEW
C1.1 LRC19.1 bhp28.2 bhp2200-3400 rpmVIEW
C1.5 LRC28.0 bhp40.2 bhp2200-3000 rpmVIEW
C2.2 LRC41.6 bhp66.1 bhp2200-3000 rpmVIEW
C2.8 - LRC74 bhp74 bhp2200-2500 rpmVIEW
C3.6 - LRC74 bhp121 bhp2200-2400 rpmVIEW
3054C LRC69.7 bhp130.0 bhp2200-2400 rpmVIEW
C4.4 LRC72.4 bhp111.3 bhp2200-2400 rpmVIEW
C4.4 ACERT LRC82.5 bhp142.0 bhp2200 rpmVIEW
C6.6 ACERT LRC119.0 bhp275.0 bhp2200-2500 rpmVIEW
C7 ACERT- LRC225.0 bhp300.0 bhp1800-2200 rpmVIEW
C7.1 LRC150.0 bhp220.0 bhp1950-2200 rpmVIEW
C7.1 ACERT LRC156.2 bhp275.0 bhp2200 rpmVIEW
C9 ACERT- LRC275.0 bhp375.0 bhp1800-2200 rpmVIEW
C11 ACERT- LRC325.0 bhp450.0 bhp1800-2100 rpmVIEW
C13 ACERT- LRC385.0 bhp520.0 bhp1800-2100 rpmVIEW
3406C LRC375 bhp465.0 bhp1800-2100 rpmVIEW
C15 ACERT- LRC440.0 bhp595.0 bhp1800-2100 rpmVIEW
C18 ACERT- LRC575.0 bhp800.0 bhp1800-2100 rpmVIEW
C27 ACERT- LRC800.0 bhp1150.0 bhp1800-2100 rpmVIEW
C32 ACERT- LRC950.0 bhp1350.0 bhp1800-2100 rpmVIEW
3508 LRC680.0 bhp1000.0 bhp1200-1800 rpmVIEW
3508B LRC1000.0 bhp1100.0 bhp1800 rpmVIEW
3512 LRC1020.0 bhp1500.0 bhp1200-1800 rpmVIEW
3512B LRC1500.0 bhp1650.0 bhp1800 rpmVIEW
ModelMinimum PowerMaximum PowerRated Speeds
3512C LRC1500.0 bhp1500.0 bhp1800 rpmVIEW
ModelMinimum PowerMaximum PowerRated Speed
3516 LRC1355.0 bhp2000.0 bhp1200-1800 rpmVIEW
3516B LRC2000.0 bhp2200.0 bhp1800 rpmVIEW
3516C2100 bhp2100 bhp1750 rpmVIEW
3606 LRC1998.0 bhp2481.0 bhp750-1000 rpmVIEW
3608 LRC2787.0 bhp3300.0 bhp800-1000 rpmVIEW
3612 LRC3996.0 bhp4962.0 bhp750-1000 rpmVIEW
3616 LRC5579.0 bhp6598.0 bhp800-1000 rpmVIEW

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