Productivity Services

Cat Productivity Services help you get you more out of every aspect of your operation. Discover how to work more productively by monitoring performance, establishing benchmarks for improvement, and measuring progress. Track individual performance and train operators to run equipment safely and achieve maximum productivity. Eliminate wasted time, money, and effort by designing sites for efficient workflow and eliminating manual surveys.


Utilization Reporting

Remotely review data from your assets to see how they perform over time. Sort the data by shift, workday, or in aggregated views that allow you to spot trends and patterns.

Operator Training

Choose from multiple formats (instructor-led, online, or simulator) to help your operators reach their full potential.

Geospatial Mapping

Aerial drones capture high-resolution images that map your jobsite quickly and accurately. Optimize site design, material movement and work in progress while reducing the time, expense, and safety hazards associated with manual surveys.

Site Efficiency Training

Teach supervisors the tools needed to measure and optimize your site’s production and efficiency. Curriculum can be tailored to match your team’s experience levels and your site goals.

Benchmark Assessments

Receive a custom analysis of asset health, operations, resources, and site productivity. Use the report as a baseline to measure future projects and focus your efforts where they bring the highest returns.

Productivity Monitoring

Get data-driven, expert advice on maximizing the performance of assets and operators on your jobsite. Learn how to improve productivity by modifying site design, resource allocation, scheduling, and machine configuration.

Productivity Management

Create a custom fit contract that includes a tailored package of services and guarantees specified production outcomes.

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