Safety Services

Cat Safety Services build a culture that puts safety first, every day. Protect your people and your bottom line by educating employees to recognize unsafe behaviors and respond appropriately. Harness real-time data to understand potential risks in your operation and create plans to mitigate them. Minimize unsafe conditions or practices such as fatigue and distraction to prevent production loss. Foster an environment that emphasizes zero-incident performance and sends every employee home safely each day.


Sleep Profile Reporting

Wrist-worn monitors can measure your operators’ sleep quantity and quality. Gain insight on whether fatigue is affecting performance, and take steps to adjust behavior and lower potential risks.

Fatigue Schedule Analysis

Find out if your current schedules are putting your operators at risk. Caterpillar Safety experts analyze existing work schedules and human resources data to create a more optimized roster.

Safety Perception Survey

Get a comprehensive report of your current safety culture. It includes perception gaps, behaviors that may disrupt safety measures, and recommended solutions.

Fatigue Risk Assessment (FRA)

Get a clear picture of fatigue and distraction risks through a detailed analysis of operator, in-cab, and scheduling data. Create action plans to reduce accidents and injuries.

Safety Culture Programs

Develop leadership and communication skills in your supervisors and workers with educational workshops. Choose from programs focused on effective communication, accountability, and feedback.

Fatigue Risk Management (FRMS)

Build a sustainable, organization-wide risk management system with this comprehensive program. It helps you integrate custom processes that engage all levels and impact everyday activities.

Operator Monitoring

The in-cab Driver Safety System alerts operators at the first sign of sleep or distraction and notifies supervisors to take appropriate action.

Zero Incident Performance (ZIP)

Our complete set of tools and change management strategies help you and everyone in your organization promote safety first, every day.

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