Customer Challenges

Using Technology to Improve Performance

Customer Challenges

Struggling with production delays? Looking for new ways to improve operator performance? Whatever your challenge, you can solve it with Cat ® Connect Technology and Services. Cat Connect is an intelligent suite of hardware, software, and dealer services that support your operation. Improve safety, boost efficiency, save time and money – or do all of the above.

You don’t have to be a technology expert to harness the power of Cat Connect. Start with your specific business challenges, and we’ll work with you to identify and implement solutions to help you overcome them. Cat Connect is scalable based on your needs, so you can start small and add additional services when needed.


Increase production

Reduce costs

Improve operator performance

Run a safe operation


Do more every day without sacrificing quality or profits. Get to grade in fewer passes, load and haul materials more efficiently, and get more work done. Hit your targets in less time and quickly move on to the next job.


Find and fix problem areas where your expenses are adding up. Prevent fuel burn, idle time, material overruns, and component wear from eating into your profits. Drive down your costs by identifying and eliminating waste.


Empower your operators at all levels to perform more efficiently and accurately. When your operators are working at their full potential, they can get the most from your machines and drive big bottom-line results for your operation. Cat Connect helps you get more from every operator.


Protect your people, your assets, and your bottom line. You’re responsible for the health and safety of every individual who sets foot on your job site. Make safety a top priority and keep your operators focused to ensure a secure environment for everyone.


Caterpillar has always been one to embrace technology. We have our own teams who are constantly looking to improve performance, fuel efficiency, and power output, all with the goal of improving the functionality and longevity of your Cat machines. From working to control your Cat machine remotely or with autonomous systems with our Cat Command systems to giving our operators instant feedback with Cat Compact, Caterpillar's mission is to work smarter, not harder.

Hawthorne Cat offers technology to satisfy all of your Cat equipment and Cat operator needs. We've partnered with SITECH,  a leader in construction technology solutions, to help you improve operating efficiencies with applications such as machine control systems, site positioning, and more. We offer equipment management solutions so you can track the health of your machines, operator training to help with productivity, and Cat Safety Services.

Technology allows Caterpillar to keep moving forward and improving systems so you can get more work done and continue to make a big impact on this world through your work and our machines. Reach out to one of our Cat dealers in San Diego, Hawaii, American Samoa, or Guam to learn more today!

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