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La nueva Cat 299D3 Cargadora compacta de orugas maximiza el rendimiento y la productividad

Designed with several customer-driven enhancements, the Cat 299D3 Compact Track Loader outperforms previous models, introducing new operator features and attachment technology. The new compact loader delivers a smooth ride with maximum performance and productivity to make even the most demanding jobs easier. The Cat 299D3 key features and benefits include:

Ride Comfort

A one-piece sealed and pressurized cab maintains a clean, quiet, and comfortable operator experience. The Cat 299D3 includes intuitive joysticks with increased space between the controls to provide additional comfort and control where you need it most. A standard torsion axle suspension combined with the optional Speed Sensitive Ride Control System improves operation on rough terrain, enables better load retention, increases work productivity, and enhances operator comfort.

Máximo rendimiento

The Cat 299D3 Compact Track Loader extends reach and vertical lift height for quick and easy loading. Our new performance-tuned undercarriage system was expertly designed with superior stability, traction, flotation, and speed to help you work in a wide range of applications and conditions. Standard two-speed travel improves performance at the jobsite, while delivering high torque digging performance and top-end speed for travel. With our new industrial performance buckets, the compact loader offers additional capacity for moving more material, handling heavy loads, grading, and truck loading.

Tecnología inteligente

New technology recognizes smart attachments and tailors the controls to specific tools, tasks, and operator skill levels. Our Smart technology helps you minimize downtime and maximize productivity by making attachments easy to use from the comfort of your cab. Plus, an integrated rearview camera increases jobsite visibility with clear sight lines to tracks, attachments, and sides of the machine.

Facilitar el trabajo

Advanced control features assist operators with repetitive tasks like grading, digging, and loading. Return-to-dig, work tool positioner, and dual self-level are now bundled together, allowing operators to take advantage of automated machine functions and efficiently complete these tasks with unmatched control. Our industry-first features for maximum performance and productivity easily make the Cat 299D3 Compact Track Loader the better choice when deciding to upgrade your fleet.