Trenching Equipment

Designed for tough trench digging applications, a diverse line of trenching equipment offers a range of trenching solutions on virtually any job site. Built to withstand rugged and continual use, trenchers are powerful, productive and easy to operate, making quick work of digging trenches.

Bedding Boxes

Bedding boxes or gravel boxes allow material to be easily retrieved by an excavator and placed efficiently in the trench, precisely when and where needed, eliminating bedding material waste. These units feature a “walk” bar and a “drag” bar for forward and backward positioning along the trench.


Piercing Tools

Underground piercing tools provide the power and flexibility to install small utility lines under surface obstructions such as roads, driveways, sidewalks and railroad tracks where traditional trenching methods aren't feasible. Boring tools are ideal for short to medium-range compaction boring projects, pipe ramming and pushing, and pipe pulling jobs.


Ride-On Trenchers

Ride-on trenchers are ideal for tackling big jobs requiring high productivity. From digging trenches for underground utilities to commercial irrigations systems, these hardworking machines are versatile performers in a range of product installations.


Walk-Behind Trenchers

Walk-behind trenchers are specially designed for residential applications and small commercial installations of utilities. Compact in size, these machines perform well in tight confined areas where larger trenchers may not fit.


Walk-Behind Vibratory Plows

Multi-purpose vibratory plows perform a host of small installation and trenching functions. Delivering high production in a compact design, these units are ideal for installing small diameter power, telephone and television cables; natural gas, water pipe and underground sprinkler systems.