777 (07B) Water Truck

Cat Water Solutions: 777 Off-Highway Water Truck

A water truck may be one of the most important pieces of support equipment at your mine or quarry site – and the support you need is just as important. That’s why Caterpillar is now offering a fully integrated solution to control dust – backed by the one you trust – connected with Cat® MineStar Edge™ to increase efficiency.

777 Water Truck


Cat® Water Solutions helps you efficiently reduce haul road dust to enhance safety and increase productivity at your job site, quarry, or mine. A fully integrated truck, tank, and water delivery system – connected with scalable levels of technology helps you solve overwatering and underwatering issues with a focus on sustainable operations. This turnkey solution with Cat branded tank offerings is sold and supported by the local Cat dealer you know and trust.Longer description goes hereIndustrail OEM


— Lower dust levels, increase visibility, maintain haul road safety — know where and when to water
— With automated water delivery, the operator can remain focused on traffic and driving
— When the water tank is full, the auto shutoff feature prevents overfilling and results in increased component life
— Monitor tank fill from inside the cab
— The water delivery system features automatic start and stop, based on truck speed, which eliminates overwatering at road intersections to improve safety for all vehicles on site
— New Traction Control System (TCS) and Wet Disc Braking is standard on all four corners of the truck
— Automatic Retarding Control (ARC) for downhill grades


— Easy, low-effort access to the cab
— Ergonomic, intuitive controls, with left side power window and automatic temperature control
— Spacious cab with window area that supports visibility
— Integrated footrest provides comfort and support
— Cab is isolation mounted reducing noise and vibration — sound suppression has decreased noise by 50%
— Lighting packages illuminate both to the side and front of the vehicle
— Factory-installed, integrated and durable ergonomic cab water controls are user-friendly and easy to learn


Properly watered haul roads directly impact fleet cycle times, enabling you to meet production targets.
— Spend less time maintaining haul roads using proper watering techniques to solve overwatering and underwatering
— Prevent damage to trucks and reduce unplanned downtime with properly watered haul roads
— Pump features soft startup and shuts off automatically when the tank is empty, eliminating damage and preventing the pump from running dry
— The 777 is faster and more efficient with a 7% increase in torque for more power to the ground, new transmission controls, and higher travel speeds.


The Cat Water Delivery System (WDS) helps you manage water effectively and sustainability — helping you do more with less.
— WDS utilizes automatic start and stop to help eliminate overwatering at road intersections
— WDS provides variable water flow based on truck speed, ensuring most efficient water placement
— The water cannon operates while truck is idling, reducing fuel consumption by up to 50%

The 777 introduces several key fuel conservation features:
— Auto Neutral Idle: as the 777 idles in a forward gear, the transmission will automatically slip in and out of a neutral state to avoid stalling the torque converter and raising engine rpm.
— Engine Idle Shutdown: when your truck is in park and idles for more than a preset time, the truck will initiate engine shutdown to conserve fuel. This feature can be time adjusted or turned on or off according to your specific needs.
— Speed Limiting: while you can continue to gear limit your trucks, Caterpillar offers speed limiting that allows the truck to travel at a more fuel efficient engine speed and gear selection.
— New APECS transmission controls increase fuel efficiency by maintaining momentum and speed on grade.

The water cannon operates at idle, which reduces fuel consumption during cannon operation by up to 50%.


Cat Water Solutions trucks are sold, serviced & supported by the local Cat dealer you know and trust.
— Full support of Cat dealer and parts network
— Cat dealer installation & retrofit kits available
— The tank is covered by a Caterpillar Warranty
— The truck is eligible for Equipment Protection Plans (EPP) & Customer Value Agreements (CVAs)


    — Two fuel economy modes can be adjusted to meet your daily production needs
    — For the U.S. and Canada, Tier 4 emission controls are available


    Cat MineStar Edge uses cloud-based connectivity through cellular and WiFi connection to collect and manage data at any job site. We offer two levels of connectivity (Basic & Premium*) to meet any customer need using Cat MineStar Edge. Additional functionality will be released in the future.
    — Connectivity includes data logging capabilities critical to minimizing safety-related liability.
    — Water Solutions data can help ensure customers are meeting regulatory requirements.
    — Asset Management options include productivity, water usage, fuel & water tank levels, when & where to apply water, geofencing, asset location and remote management of water distribution.


    Customer need: "I need to know where my truck is and how much water it's distributing."

    Basic Connectivity automates basic data collection, eliminating paper recording by the operator:
    — Real-time & historical reporting**
    — Truck location and utilization data (starts & stops / routes)
    — Fuel and water level
    — Whether or not the truck is spraying water
    — Water Delivery System utilization (auto vs. manual mode)


    Customer need: "I need to know what my operators are doing and how much water I'm using."

    Premium Connectivity offers a comprehensive reporting package with data & reports that can help operators improve watering technique/efficiency
    — Water usage by truck/fill station
    — Volume of water put down over time and area covered
    — Rate of water being put down, water delivery system setting by location, truck, and conditions
    — Activity breakdown including time & distance (watering, not watering, stopped, etc.)
    — Real-time reporting to the operator on water coverage & need (route, heat map, decay map)**1

    *Basic connectivity package comes standard on all Cat Water Solutions trucks with a 6-month complimentary service-based offering for better data insights. **Based on equipment connectivity via WiFi or cellular data. 1 Feature to be included in future update.

  • Equipamiento de serie
  • Equipamiento opcional
  • Especificaciones
  • Docs

Equipamiento de serie

  • NOTA
    • El equipamiento de serie y opcional puede variar. Consulte a su concesionario Cat para más detalles.
    • Autostall
    • Parada del motor al ralentí
    • Refrigerador posterior aire-aire (ATAAC)
    • Filtro de aire con prefiltro (2)
    • Control automático del ralentí en frío
    • Bomba eléctrica de cebado
    • Arranque eléctrico en frío (dos motores de arranque y cuatro baterías)
    • Ayuda para arrancar el éter
    • Escape, silenciador
    • Filtro de combustible/separador de agua
    • Turbocompresor (2)
    • Sistema de frenado:
      - Frenos de larga duración
      - Indicador de desgaste de los frenos
      - Control automático del ralentizador (ARC) (utiliza frenos de discos múltiples refrigerados por aceite)
      - Motor de liberación de los frenos (remolque)
      - Ralentizador manual (utiliza frenos de discos múltiples refrigerados por aceite)
      - Disco múltiple refrigerado por aceite (delantero/trasero)
      - Estacionamiento
      - Secundario
      - Servicio
    • Transmisión
      - Ralentí neutro automático
      - Software APECS
      - ECPC
    • Cambio de marchas parcial
      - Powershift automático de 7 velocidades con control electrónico de la presión del embrague Torque Shift Management
      - Inhibidor del cambio ascendente de la carrocería
      - Gestión del cambio direccional
      - Inhibidor del cambio descendente
      - Interruptor de arranque en punto muerto
      - Inhibidor de avance en punto muerto
      - Inhibidor del cambio de marcha atrás
      - Neutralizador de marcha atrás durante el vaciado
      - Selección programable de la marcha superior
    • Suspensión trasera
    • Alarma, copia de seguridad
    • Alternador, 115 amperios
    • Toma de arranque auxiliar
    • Batteries, maintenance-free, 12V (4), 190 amp-hour
    • Sistema eléctrico, 25 AMP, convertidor de 24V a 12V
    • Lighting system
      – Backup light (halogen)
      – Directional signals/hazard warning, (front and rear LED)
      – Headlights, (halogen) with dimmer
      – Payload, indicator lights
      – Operator access courtesy lights
      – Side profile lights
      – Stop/tail lights (LED)
      – Service lights
    • Aire acondicionado
    • Cenicero y encendedor
    • Percha
    • Portavasos (4)
    • Puerto de conexión de diagnóstico, 24 V
    • Entertainment Radio Ready
      - Convertidor de 5 amperios
      - Altavoces
      - Antena
      - Mazo de cables
    • Indicadores
      - Indicador de la temperatura del aceite de frenos
      - Indicador de la temperatura del refrigerante
      - Cuentahoras
      - Tacómetro
      - Indicador de sobrevelocidad del motor
      - Nivel de combustible
      - Velocímetro con cuentakilómetros
      - Indicador de marcha de la transmisión
    • Calefactor/descongelador (11 070 kCal/43 930 BTU)
    • Control automático de la temperatura
    • Control del nivel de fluido
    • Palanca de elevación
    • Bocina, eléctrica
    • Luz - cúpula
    • Luz - cortesía
    • Contador de carga, automático
    • Advisor display
    • VIMS
    • TPMS
    • Reposapiés
    • Retrovisores - calefactados
    • Puerto de alimentación, 24 V y 12 V (2)
    • Cabina ROPS, aislada/insonorizada
    • Cat Comfort Series III
      - Suspensión neumática total
      - Cinturón de seguridad retráctil de 3 puntos con arnés de hombro
    • Volante, acolchado, inclinable y telescópico
    • Compartimento de almacenamiento
    • Parasol
    • Bloqueo del acelerador
    • Ventana, lado derecho, acceso/egreso con bisagras
    • Mando eléctrico de la ventanilla izquierda
    • Limpiaparabrisas (intermitente) y lavaparabrisas
    • Cristal laminado tintado
    • Modo económico adaptativo
    • Object detection (4 cameras, 4 radars)
    • Product Link™ Ready (Level 1)
    • TKPH/TMPH (Tons Kilometer Per Hour/ Tons Mile Per Hour)
    • Sistema de visión del área de trabajo (WAVS)
    • Cat MineStar Edge™: Level 1 - Basic (Equipment Tracking)*
    • *Basic connectivity package comes standard on all Cat Water Solutions trucks with a 6-month complimentary service-based offering
    • Cárter del motor
    • Línea motriz
    • Ventilador y aire acondicionado
    • Refrigerante de larga duración hasta -35° C (-30° F)
    • Grupo de montaje de la carrocería
    • Pasador de seguridad del cuerpo (fija el cuerpo en posición elevada)
    • Indicador de cuerpo abatido
    • Libro de piezas en CD-ROM
    • Llantas de montaje central
    • Depósito de combustible (1136 L/300 gal)
    • Desconexión de la batería a nivel del suelo
    • Parada del motor a nivel del suelo
    • Engrasadores a ras de suelo
    • Depósitos (por separado)
      - Freno/elevador
      - Dirección
      - Transmisión/convertidor de par
    • Llantas 19,5 × 49
    • Eyectores de rocas
    • Dirección suplementaria (automática)
    • Atar los ojos
    • Ganchos de remolque (delanteros)/Pin de remolque (traseros)
    • Cerraduras antivandálicas
    • Wiggins combustible rápido
    • Traction Control System (TCS) (new version)
    • Zona de Adhesión
    • Controls: Factory installed and integrated into cab
    • Water System Monitor: integrated into cab, programmable spray configurations, automatic diagnostic messages
    • Variable Hydraulic Pump Drive: 1,200 gpm at speeds of 3 to 25 mph with auto shut-off and soft startup
    • Stainless Steel Spray Heads: maintenance free, patented design resists corrosion
    • Independent Hydraulic Cooling System: minimizes overheating
    • Water Cannon: hydraulically controlled, integrated joystick with cab controls, optional nozzles
    • Parts & service available through global Cat dealer network
  • Cat Branded Water Tank Offerings with Options
    • Cat branded tanks include additional features and options commonly selected by customers in the industry.
      – Splash guards, fill chute, and rock ejectors are standard.
      – Hoist cylinder mounting on all tank offerings enhances serviceability
      – Manufactured and supplied by recognized tank providers (covered by a Caterpillar warranty)

Equipamiento opcional

  • NOTA
    • El equipamiento de serie y opcional puede variar. Consulte a su concesionario Cat para más detalles.
    • Prelimpiador de cabina
    • Cat Freno motor
    • Engrasadores agrupados
    • Paquetes para el frío
    • Centro de servicio de llenado de fluidos
    • Luces HID
    • Espejos, convexos
    • Mirrors, heated
    • Llanta de repuesto
    • Paquete de visibilidad (cumple los requisitos de la norma ISO 5006)
    • Calzos para ruedas
    • Sistema de visión del área de trabajo (WAVS)
    • Cat MineStar Edge™: Level 2 - Premium (Production Recording)**
    • **Phased introduction 2022


Visión general

Nombre largo:
Cat Water Solutions: 777 Off-Highway Water Truck
777 (07B) Water Truck


Modelo de motor
Cat® C32B
Potencia bruta - SAE J1995
1025 CV / 765 kW
Velocidad del motor
1800 r/min / 1800 r/min
Potencia neta - SAE J1349
916 CV / 683 kW
Fuel Optimized
145 mm
162 mm
1959 pulg³ / 32,1 l
Nota (1)
Net Power advertised is the power available at the flywheel when the engine is equipped with fan, air cleaner, muffler, and alternator with engine speed at 1,800 rpm.
Nota (2)
La potencia nominal se aplica a 1.800 rpm cuando se prueba en las condiciones especificadas para la norma especificada.
Nota (3)
Valores basados en condiciones de aire estándar SAE J1995 de 25° C (77° F) y barómetro de 100 kPa (29,61 Hg). Potencia basada en un combustible con una gravedad API de 35 a 16° C (60° F) y un LHV de 42 780 kJ/kg (18.390 BTU/lb) cuando el motor se utiliza a 30° C (86° F).
Nota (4)
No engine derating required up to 2286 m (7,500 ft) for Tier 4/Stage V.
Note (5)
Cumple las normas de emisiones Tier 4 Final de la EPA de EE.UU. y Stage V de la UE.

Cat Water Delivery System (WDS)

Maximum water flow
1200 gal(US)/min / 3785 l/min
Water per spray head (minimum)
35 gal(US)/min / 130 l/min
Water per spray head (maximum)
600 gal(US)/min / 2270 l/min
Spray head opening range (minimum)
0.04 in / 1 mm
Spray head opening range (maximum)
19 mm / 0,75 pulg.
Maximum size debris flushed through spray head
19 mm / 0,75 pulg.
Spray system hydraulic tank capacity
7.25 gal (US) / 27.5 l
Maximum number of rear spray heads
Minimum number of rear spray heads (recommended 3)
Minimum number of front/side spray heads
Maximum number of front/side spray heads
Maximum water from cannon (idle)
600 gal(US)/min / 2271 l/min
Maximum water from cannon (high idle)
1250 gal(US)/min / 4732 l/min
Maximum cannon spray distance
200 ft / 61 m
Wet water pump/hydraulic motor coupling
Operator selectable coverage: 0.2-0.8 L/m² (4 kph - 40 kph) / 0.05-0.2 gal/ft² (3 mph - 25 mph). Coverage rates above 0.6 L/m² may not be available at higher speeds depending on head count and configuration.
Nota (1)
Opening is automatically controlled by the system to achieve AutoMode Coverage or Manual Mode Flow Rate.
Nota (2)
AutoMode Spray controls water coverage automatically to the number of heads being used and ground speed achieved.
Nota (3)
Manual Mode allows the operator to set a water flow rate that is constant regardless of ground speed.
Nota (4)
Spray Heads on competitive water distribution systems require tools and maintenance to change flow and spray pattern. Caterpillar is the only company to have variable active spray heads to regulate water spray.
Note (5)
Water flow is continually adjusted during operation to conserve water and achieve desired coverage and flow rate

Tank Configurations

Water Tank Capacity
up to 75 700 L (20,000 gal)

Especificaciones de funcionamiento

Velocidad máxima - Cargado
41.7 mile/h / 67.1 km/h
Water Tank Capacity Range: 69 700 - 75 700 L (18,400 - 20,000 gal)

Tank Configurations

Multiple tank configurations are offered based on customer preference and regional locations. Water Tank Capacity Range: 69 700 - 75 700 L (18,400 - 20,000 gal)
Machine Weight (with water tank full)
307,946 - 327,964 lb / 139 682 - 148 762 kg
Empty Machine Operating Weight (without water / with fuel)
155,993 - 161,416 lb / 70 757 - 73 217 kg
Water Tank - Max Empty Weight (no WDS)
38,669 - 44,092 lb / 17 540 - 20 000 kg
Nota (1)
Cat branded tanks include additional features and options commonly selected by customers in the industry. Splash guards, fill chute, and rock ejectors are standard.

Especificaciones de funcionamiento

Nota (2)
Operator selectable coverage: 0.2-0.8 L/m² (4 kph - 40 kph) / 0.5-0.2 gal/ft² (3 mph - 25 mph)

Tank Configurations

Nota (2)
Hoist cylinder mounting on all tank offerings enhances serviceability.

Pesos - Aproximados

Objetivo de peso bruto de la máquina
363000 lb / 164654 kg
Chassis Weight
115217 lb / 52262 kg


Delantero - 1
6,6 millas/h / 10,7 km/h
Delantero - 2
9,1 millas/h / 14,6 km/h
Delantero - 3
11,9 millas/h / 19,2 km/h
Delantero - 4
16,6 millas/h / 26,7 km/h
Delantero - 5
22,5 millas/h / 36,2 km/h
Delantero - 6
30,2 millas/h / 48,6 km/h
Delantero - 7
65,9 km/h / 40,9 millas/h
7,5 millas/h / 12,1 km/h
Velocidades máximas de desplazamiento con neumáticos estándar 27.00R49 (E4).

Transmisiones finales

Relación diferencial
Relación planetaria
Ratio de reducción total

Sistema de frenado

Brake Surface - Front
6331 in² / 40846 cm²
Brake Surface - Rear
15828 in² / 102116 cm²
Normas de frenado
ISO 3450:2011

Elevadores de carrocerías

Caudal de la bomba - Ralentí alto
6331 gal/min / 458 l/min
Ajuste de la válvula de alivio - Subir
2750 psi / 18950 kPa
Ajuste de la válvula de alivio - Inferior
500 psi / 3450 kPa
Tiempo de elevación del cuerpo - Ralentí alto
15 s / 15 s
Body Lower Time - Float
13 s / 13 s
Cuerpo Tiempo inferior - Ralentí alto
13 s / 13 s

Distribuciones de peso - Aproximadas

Eje delantero - Vacío
46 % / 46 %
Eje delantero - Cargado
33 % / 33 %
Eje trasero - Vacío
54 % / 54 %
Eje trasero - Cargado
67 % / 67 %


Vacío Cargado Cilindro Carrera Delantera
74,7 mm / 2,9 pulgadas
Cilindro vacío cargado Carrera trasera
66 mm / 2,5 pulg.
Eje trasero - Oscilación
5.4 ° / 5.4 °


Normas de dirección
ISO 5010:2007
Ángulo de dirección
30.5 ° / 30.5 °
Diámetro de giro - Delantero
25,3 m / 83 pies
Radio de giro - Diámetro libre
28,4 m / 93 pies


Neumático estándar
27.00R49 (E4)
Nota (1)
Las capacidades productivas del camión 777 son tales que, en determinadas condiciones de trabajo, podrían superarse las capacidades TKPH (TMPH) de los neumáticos estándar u opcionales y, por tanto, limitar la producción.
Nota (2)
Caterpillar recomienda al cliente que evalúe todas las condiciones de trabajo y consulte al fabricante de neumáticos para seleccionar el neumático adecuado.

Capacidades de recarga de servicio

Depósito de combustible (1)
300 gal (US) / 1136 l
Depósito de combustible (2)
350 gal (US) / 1325 l
Sistema de refrigeración
240 l / 63,4 gal (US)
109 l / 28,7 gal (US)
59,9 gal (US) / 227 l
Transmisión final - Cada uno
20 gal (US) / 76 l
Sistema de dirección - Incluido el depósito
14,1 gal (US) / 53,6 l
Sistema de elevación con freno
85 gal (US) / 322 l
Convertidor de par - Sistema de transmisión
36,5 gal (US) / 138,5 l


Aire acondicionado
18390 Btu/lb / 42789 Btu/kWh
Heater / Defroster
43930 Btu / 11070 kJ/kg
ROPS Standards (1)
La estructura de protección antivuelco (ROPS) para cabina que ofrece Caterpillar cumple los criterios de la norma ISO 3471:2008 ROPS.
Normas FOPS
La estructura de protección contra la caída de objetos (FOPS) cumple los criterios de la norma ISO 3449:2005 FOPS de nivel II.
Nota (1)
El nivel de presión acústica equivalente (Leq) del operador es de 73 dB(A) cuando se utiliza SAE J1166 FEB2008 para medir el valor de una cabina cerrada. Se trata de un nivel de exposición al ruido durante el ciclo de trabajo. La cabina estaba correctamente instalada y mantenida. La prueba se realizó con las puertas y las ventanas de la cabina cerradas.
Nota (2)
The exterior sound pressure level for the standard machine measured at a distance of 15 m (49 ft) according to the test procedures specified in SAE J88:2008, mid-gear moving operation is 83 dB(A).
Nota (3)
La protección auditiva puede ser necesaria cuando se trabaja con el puesto del operador y la cabina abiertos (cuando no se realiza un mantenimiento adecuado o las puertas/ventanas están abiertas) durante periodos prolongados o en un entorno ruidoso.