915 mm (36 in) 34 ton, pin on

915 mm (36 in) 34 ton pin on Compaction Wheel

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Compact trenches and footings with a cost-effective and reliable Compaction Wheel. The Cat wheel is reliable, able to roll full machine pressure into the ground. Plus, it's backed up by the same world-class support as your excavator.Caterpillar provides an inexpensive, rugged compaction wheel for trench compaction and general construction.

Tamper Feet

Fixed tamper feet provide solid, even compaction in a wide range of soils.

Open Rim

Open rim lets the compactor penetrate deeply, compacting from the bottom up.

Backfill Blade

Included backfill blade lets you pull in fill soil, smooth the surfaces, without needing toc change tools

Tapered Roller Bearings

Bearings roll smoothly, even under full machine load.

Simple Operation

Compaction wheel needs no hydraulics, and is fully compatible with the pin grabber coupler. Simple to connect, simple to use.

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Visión general

Nombre largo:
915 mm (36 in) 34 ton pin on Compaction Wheel
915 mm (36 in) 34 ton, pin on
Anchura de compactación
915 mm
Número de ruedas
Clase de máquinas
34 - 38
Número de almohadillas
4092 lb / 1856 kg
Longitud total
55 in / 1397 mm
Altura total
62 in / 1584 mm
Anchura total
35 in / 889 mm
Tipo de interfaz
pin on