DG200 GC (monofásico)

DG200-2S (Single-phase)

DG200 GC (monofásico)

Open Generator Set


The Cat® spark-ignited generator product line for stationary applications feature permanent magnet excitation, amortisseur winding, skewed stator, voltage adjustment through the EMCP controller, Class H winding insulation and 2/3 pitch incorporated.Caterpillar is leading the power generation marketplace with Power Solutions engineered to deliver unmatched flexibility, expandability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.Electric Power


  • Four-stroke-cycle gas engine combines consistent performance and excellent fuel economy with minimum weight


  • Adaptado a las características de rendimiento y potencia de los motores Cat
  • Diseño mecánico y eléctrico líder del sector
  • Industry leading motor starting capabilities
  • High Efficiency

EMCP Control Panel

  • User-friendly interface and navigation
  • Scalable system to meet a wide range of installation requirement
  • Expansion modules and site-specific programming for specific customer requirements

Design Criteria

  • The generator set facilitates compliance with NFPA 110 and meets ISO 8528-5 requirements for transient response
  • Cooling system designed to operate in 50˚C/122˚F ambient temperatures with an air flow restriction of 0.5 in. water

UL 2200 / CSA - Optional

  • UL 2200 Listed packages
  • CSA Certified
  • Certain restrictions may apply
  • Consult with your Cat® Dealer

Asistencia mundial de productos

  • Cat dealers have over 1,800 dealer branch stores operating in 200 countries
  • Your local Cat dealer provides extensive post-sale support, including maintenance and repair agreements

  • Equipamiento de serie
  • Equipamiento opcional
  • Especificaciones
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Equipamiento de serie

  • Refrigeración
    • Factory-installed radiator
    • Closed coolant recovery system
    • 50/50 Ethylene glycol antifreeze
    • Standard ambient temperatures up to 50°C (122°F)
    • Radiator and cooling fan complete with protective guards
  • Entrada de aire
    • Single element air filter
  • Combustible
    • Fuel pressure test po
    • Primary and secondary fuel shut-off
    • Low fuel pressure switch
    • Dual lock off valves
    • NPT connection
    • Natural Gas or LP Vapor
  • Escape
    • Exhaust outlet with 3” pipe
  • Generador
    • Full load capacity alternator
    • Excitación por imán permanente
    • Class H insulation material
    • Integrated Voltage Regulator
    • Adaptado a las características de rendimiento y potencia de los motores Cat
    • Protección IP23
  • Controls
    • EMCP 4.2 Series generator set controller
  • Montaje
    • Vibration isolaton (puck type)
    • Rubber vibration isolators
  • Electric Starting and/or Prelube
    • Engine electrical system
    • Solenoid activated starter motor
    • Battery cables
  • Electric Power - Package Serial Number Prefix
    • Battery charging alternator
  • Governor
    • Electronic governor (non adjustable)
  • Panel de control
    • EMCP 4.2 Series generator set controller
  • Arranque/carga
    • 12 volt starting motor
    • Batteries with rack and cables

Equipamiento opcional

  • Arranque/carga
    • Battery charger – UL Listed 10 amp
    • Alternador de carga
    • Calentador de agua de camisa
    • Battery heater
  • General
    • Paquete UL 2200
    • Recintos: insonorizados, protección contra la intemperie
    • Certificación CSA
    • Suitable for Use as Service Equipment (SUSE)
    • Interruptores de transferencia automática (ATS)
  • Generador
    • Shunt trip and auxiliary contact breaker
    • Thermal magnetic or electronic trip MCCBs
    • Calentador anticondensación
    • Excitation: [ ] Permanent Magnet Excited (PM)
    • Calentador anticondensación
    • Generadores sobredimensionados y premium


Visión general

Nombre largo:
DG200-2S (Single-phase)
DG200 GC (monofásico)

Especificaciones del grupo electrógeno

60 Hz
Natural Gas Rating
200 eKW
Emisiones/Estrategia de combustible
U.S. EPA Certified for Non-Emergency Application

Especificaciones del motor

Modelo de motor
14.2 L Spark - Ignited

Especificaciones del grupo electrógeno

864.71 in³ / 14.17 l

Especificaciones del motor

Sistema de combustible
Carburetor, Down Draft

Especificaciones del grupo electrógeno

Tipo de combustible
Natural Gas
1800 rpm

Especificaciones del motor

Tipo de gobernador
Relación de compresión
5.31 in / 134.87 mm
6.5 in / 165.1 mm

Generator Set Dimensions

127.95 in / 3250 mm
52.93 in / 1344.5 mm
67.37 in / 1711.2 mm
5756 lb / 2610.9 kg