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New Technology and Design Features Deliver Unmatched Value

San Diego, CA — Hawthorne Cat®, the exclusive Cat® construction equipment dealer in San Diego, the Hawaiian Islands, and the Pacific Region, introduces the Cat 950 GC wheel loaders, known for solid performance and proven reliability. Our new wheel loaders excel on all construction jobs including material handling, stockpiling, truck loading, and more.

Caterpillar’s Z-bar loader linkage combined with load-sensing hydraulics and performance series buckets produce high digging capabilities and strong breakout force. Thorough machine and component design enable operators of all experience levels to routinely attain 10 percent higher bucket fill factors compared to previous models, improving cycle times and reducing fuel consumption.

Designed with operators in mind, the 950 GC cab features intuitive controls for simple machine monitoring and loader operation. A front windshield, standard rearview camera, and exterior mirrors with integrated spot mirrors provide exceptional visibility around the machine. Hydraulic and electrical service centers give ground-level access to grouped service points, allowing for easy daily maintenance.

“Excellent performance and low operating costs deliver unmatched value to provide the right machine for your business,” says Ross Farmer, Corporate Machinery Sales Manager. “Our Cat 950 GC wheel loaders are also a great choice for governmental applications, offering reliable and durable machines that fit the budget.”

Contact your Hawthorne Cat Sales Representative at 877.717.5848 to learn more about our current special financing offers on the Cat 950GC Wheel Loaders.

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