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Cat Compact Track Loaders Amplify Workload Capacity

Hawthorne Cat’s line of advanced Compact Track Loaders can tackle a wide range of job tasks, and innovations in equipment design and operating software help you get the most out of your machine.

Attachments let you complete various jobs with a limited number of machines. Optimize productivity by correctly matching your machines and attachments. Genuine Cat attachments are ideal because the tools are specifically designed to fit and maximize performance on Cat Compact Loaders. Work Tool Positioners enable you to fix attachments to a pre-set angle and automatically return to that angle on command. This streamlines loading cycles, reduces downtime, and allows for better depth control. Electronic Couplers allow operators to change out attachments without even leaving the cab.

Cat Compact Track Loaders also feature three different control patterns: ISO pattern controls allow for one hand drive and one hand operation, H-pattern controls employ two hand drive and two hand operation, while Hand and Foot Controls utilize two hand drive and two foot operation. These advanced configurations let you customize controls based on operator preference.

Advanced cab design significantly increases operator comfort and safety. Fully sealed and pressurized cabins minimize inhalation of potentially harmful particles in the air on the jobsite. The sealed cabs also reduce outside noise so operators can better focus on the task at hand. Rearview cameras with in-cab display drastically improve visibility. Get a 360-degree view of your surroundings without having to turn your head.

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