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Cat K Series Refinements Improve Operator Control and Work Efficiency

The Small Wheel Loaders of the Cat® K Series departed from the H Series preceding them with fundamental design changes. The Cat K Series 924K, 930K and 938K Wheel Loaders incorporate the fuel-efficient Cat C6.6 engine, a hydrostatic drive system with electronic controls, and a redesigned operator station. The Z-bar loader linkage has been optimized to pair aggressive digging power with parallel lift. Additional upgrades include enhanced drive system engineering, improved implement controls, and an auxiliary hydraulic system. Hawthorne Cat can quickly install these new modifications to the K Series Wheel Loaders – except the linkage modification are backward compatible.

Hystat™ Control. Software added to the hydrostatic drive system enables operators to select one of four performance modes. This lets operators adjust machines to their preferences or to fit the working conditions. 

Select TC or Torque Converter Mode, and the loader will perform with characteristics of a traditional powershift, torque converter transmission. In Hystat Mode the loader will respond more like a conventional hydrostatic driven machine. For specialized applications, the loader can be placed in Ice Mode, for use when the operating surface offers near zero grip (pushing snow, for example, or in very low traction conditions). The base setting is the Default mode, offering the optimal blend of both torque converter and hystat modes.

The TC mode system has been engineered to offer more exact torque-converter-like performance, to deliver a smoothly controlled power balance. The new left control pedal in K Series Wheel Loaders models now features added control with less pedal effort that helps the operator maintain smooth ground-speed modulation and safe, predictable braking.

Implement control. The latest software now allows the operator to adjust levels. These changes, which included the ability to adjust lift and tilt functions independently, became available after the K Series Wheel Loaders initial release, but a Cat Electronic Technician had to make the adjustment. This new feature allows immediate access to any of the response levels through the secondary display in the cab. (For machines without the secondary display, Cat dealers can set a specific response mode for both lift and tilt.)

Hydraulic Couplers. The conventional push-to-connect quick-disconnect couplers on the auxiliary-hydraulic circuit have been replaced with connect-under-pressure couplers. The new quick disconnects simplify the process, and the coupler design eliminates premature wear often associated with push-to-connect couplers. 

New Loader Linkage. The redesign of the patented Optimized Z-Bar linkage provides even better visibility down the lift arms. It incorporates a torque tube that significantly improves forward visibility to the work tool and working surface. At higher boom angles, the operator’s view beneath the narrower torque tube provides unimpeded sight lines to the truck or bin. Read the full press release.

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