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Cat Wheel Loader Ergonomics for Greater Comfort, Performance

Numb legs or an aching back shouldn’t be an inevitable part of your work day. While many operators can spend up to 10 hours a day in the cab of a Cat wheel loader, those who’ve prioritized machine ergonomics experience much greater well-being and work performance.

Ergonomics can mean simply taking the time before each shift to adjust your seat and cab controls for greater comfort, lumbar support, and full range of motion. This is especially important if you share a machine with other operators who use different settings. For those purchasing a new machine, ergonomics can also be a deciding factor when choosing between models and manufacturers.

Maximize Wheel Loader Comfort & Custom Features

Not all wheel loaders are designed with a focus on ergonomics, but operators can follow some basic guidelines to increase comfort in standard machines. Several customizable features are also available with new Cat® Wheel Loaders to ease physical strain and improve your productivity.

Seat Adjustment | Many wheel loaders now have air suspension seats with an indicator that helps operators adjust height to an appropriate level. Adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and recline capabilities are also important features to consider for a comfortable fit. A heated seat option is useful for wheel loaders operating in colder conditions.



Joystick Positioning & Seat-Mounted Controls | The angle and function of your joystick is also a critical factor in choosing the right loader. A low-effort joystick is angled so it feels natural to how your hand typically rests. Seat-mounted controls on many of today’s small wheel loaders permit lifting, lowering, racking, dumping, shifting directions, controlling auxiliary flow, and setting differential lock – all from the joystick



Steering | You shouldn’t be struggling to steer your wheel loader. Short-cycle truck loading on small machines is made easier with the quick steer feature. This option gives a boost to the steering flow, so a slight 15 percent turn on the steering knob can fully turn the machine in either direction.



Customized Operation | Several advancements in technology are designed to ease operator fatigue and improve performance. For projects in rough terrains, the ride control feature enables an easier ride and greater material retention. Cylinder snubbing (aka cylinder damping) eliminates jerking motions by slowing down the implements before hitting a full stroke or kick-out position.



Read the full article for more tips on wheel loader ergonomics.


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