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West Coast Tomato Growers | Hawthorne Power Systems Customer Spotlight

The family of Harry Singh Jr. has been farming high-quality tomatoes in California for over 70 years in northern San Diego County along Interstate 5 near Camp Pendleton. Until 2011, West Coast Tomato Growers (WCTG), formerly Pole Tomato Sales Inc. was the largest tomato grower in the United States. Their tomatoes are grown on poles, in pristine conditions, and shipped the same day as harvest on refrigerated trucks.

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Lux Landscape Design, Inc. | Hawthorne Cat Customer Spotlight

Lux Landscape Design, Inc. is an award-winning outdoor and pool design company recognized for its innovative concepts using high-quality materials and industry-leading equipment. The functionality of their work is the same as the typical construction model, but Lux Landscape Design utilizes metals as a unique component of their aesthetics to set them apart from the competition. They primarily serve residential customers from high-profile, upscale homes to smaller, conventional projects throughout San Diego and South Orange counties.

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LB Civil Construction, Inc. | Hawthorne Cat Customer Spotlight

Partnering with Hawthorne Rentals to Maximize Returns on Investment

LB Civil Construction, Inc. is an award-winning contractor in Southern California known for its work handling earthmoving, grading and excavating flatwork, and structural concrete construction projects throughout San Diego and Imperial counties. Since their inception 13 years ago, LB Civil Construction has worked with Hawthorne Cat to expand their fleet of small equipment machines including multiple mini excavators and skid steer loaders.

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Draves Pipeline Inc. | Hawthorne Cat Customer Spotlight

Leveraging Compact Equipment and Hawthorne Rentals to Increase Profits

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Patriot General Engineering, Inc. | Hawthorne Rentals Customer Spotlight

Improving Profitability, Leveraging Hawthorne Rentals to Optimize Fleet Utilization

Patriot General Engineering, Inc., a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) and general engineering contractor, specializes in short-term utility construction projects. Based out of Lakeside, CA, the company is signatory with the IBEW Union and works primarily with customers like San Diego Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison.

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KML Contracting, Inc. | Hawthorne Cat Customer Spotlight

KML Contracting, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business based out of Temecula, California. Father and son duo Keith and Kenneth Milne first started the company in 2004. Keith’s brother Kevin joined the team a few years later, and since then they have continued to grow as a successful independent contracting company.

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NEWest Construction | Hawthorne Cat Customer Spotlight

Headquartered in San Diego, NEWest Contruction Company, Inc. is a general engineering contracting firm that operates throughout Southern California. They specialize in a variety of public works utility projects, including wastewater treatment plants, wet utility construction, and power plant operations. NEWest is a versatile firm that has been in service for over 10 years.

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Razors Edge | Hawthorne Cat Customer Spotlight

Razors Edge Grading and Excavation, Inc. is a general contractor that works for several local utility companies in the San Diego area. It’s owned and operated by husband and wife Robert and Athena Miller and provides a Swiss Army Knife approach to the underground utility trade.

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