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Hawthorne Cat’s Maintenance Tips to Reduce Repair Costs

1. Turn on the Telematics

It is important to utilize technology and telematics to identify small issues before they become big problems. Telematics can help ensure your equipment maintenance stays on track, while keeping an eye on other repair cost drivers, such as idle time and operator performance. Even the most basic operating systems provide information about daily fault codes, and you can set up email or text alerts to receive notifications immediately if anything goes wrong.

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Save Time with the New My.Cat.Com

With the latest My.Cat.Com updates, accessing information about your entire fleet is faster and easier than ever. Less scrolling and fewer clicks means finding more of what you’re looking for, saving you time and money. Get the most out of your My.Cat.Com experience with these six updates:

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For Maximum Productivity, Try These Compact Track Loader Maintenance Tips

Cat® Compact Track Loaders are incredibly versatile machines, capable of completing hundreds of tasks on time and on budget. Failure to perform daily machine inspections and recommended maintenance can result in decreased performance and faster component wear. To keep your loader working at peak performance, add these compact track loader maintenance tips to your daily routine and keep your machine working at maximum efficiency.

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Try These Attachment Maintenance Tips for Maximum Performance

Investing in the right attachments for a single machine can help you get more done on jobs that would normally require an entire fleet. Preventive maintenance with hydromechanical attachments is especially important because these tools are powered by auxiliary flow from the machine. Here are a few attachment maintenance tips to keep our most commonly used hydromechanical equipment running at maximum performance.

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Cost Management and Maintenance Tips For Track Loader Undercarriages

Compact track loaders and multi terrain loaders are invaluable machines, but many operators are concerned with the costs associated with maintaining and servicing track loader undercarriages. The good news is that you can cut these costs with proper maintenance and operation. Extend the life of your machine’s undercarriage by following these steps:

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Arc Flash Solutions | Advanced Electrical Services

An arc flash is a dangerous explosion caused by electrical energy. The change from solid state to gas vapor produces a volatile force. At the terminals, arc flash explosion temperatures can exceed 35,000°F. The immense electrical energy vaporizes metal and can cause destruction of equipment, intense heat, fire, molten metal, shrapnel, blinding light, and toxic smoke. Arc flash incidents are often fatal.

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Hydraulic Diagnostics Can Help You Keep Your Competitive Advantage

Businesses can maintain their competitive advantage by proactively maintaining their equipment and hydraulic diagnostics. Having equipment that is in good health can help you boost your productivity and complete more jobs in the future. Caterpillar’s Estela Estrada discusses the importance of checking your machine’s hydraulic system diagnostics in her blog, “Maintain Competitive Edge with Hydraulic System Diagnostics.”

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Choosing the Right Tires for your Cat Machine

Tires are essential for traversing across any jobsite, but not all tires are ideally suited for every application. Analyzing how and where your equipment will be working can help you select the right type of tires for the job. In the article, “Tire Selection Strategy for Compact Machine Owners,” Caterpillar’s Kevin Sheehan, has compiled a helpful reference guide to ensure you have the right tires for you upcoming project

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