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Compact Machines | Safety Evaluation

Although construction projects are typically on a very tight working schedule, equipment owners and operators should make safety a priority. Help prevent accidents, increase revenue and maximize uptime by following equipment safety guidelines. Caterpillar and Hawthorne Cat educate customers about proper safety techniques for operating equipment. Each category of equipment, such as Compact Machines, requires specific safety precautions. In the blog, “Evaluating Safety Guidelines for Compact Machines,” Roy Brookhart, Caterpillar’s Product and Application Specialist, provides a safety checklist to reference before starting up your Cat Skid Steer Loader, Compact Track or Multi Terrain Loader.

Tips for operating your compact Cat equipment safely

  • Inspect tires and wheels or sprocket rings and sleeves when needed
  • Check track, drive lugs and undercarriage wheels for damage
  • Remove dirt buildup or debris from the undercarriage
  • Clean windows regularly and inspect fans and defrosters
  • Replace windshield wipers and windshield cleaner fluid as needed
  • Inspect machine for structural damage or cracks
  • Carry work tool attachments in a low position
  • Remove the load and turn the machine downhill to correct a side slip
  • Avoid operating these machines on transitions
  • Refer to the OMM supplied with the machine

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